Memories of New Year’s Day in Japan, This Year’s New Years in NYC

New York, N.Y. The Ryomura family in Kyoto has a very old tradition, especially New Year’s Day. A couple of rice cakes caught a few days before New Year ‘s Eve. it was fun. In Kyoto it was a tradition to make only a round rice cake, not to make a square rice cake to be a round person. The fresh rice cake of the day was really delicious. Rice cakes for small and large mirror cake, small rice cake for miscellaneous noodles, rolling smaller ones are reminiscent of having our kinako flour or bean sprouts on our job and eating a mouth full. Mochi rice cake was really delicious. Children also wipe the long corridor with a cloth and wipe it in a bag of rice brander to wipe it cleanly, which makes the child shiny like a mirror. Only New Year’s Eve was very happy because I was not told “Lie asleep”, I was getting up while rattling. I do not know whether he was helping or was interfering.

On the night of New Year ‘s Eve, I got a New Yokosuka soba while listening to the special beautiful sounds of the bells from all over the country from the radio one by one. Then I changed clothes and changed my mind and saddle in front of my father and mother and sacrificed my apology and thank you last year’s apology and thank you “I wish to have a happy new year”, but I would like to say that it will come out in a historical drama It was annual for me to say a few words in the languages taught in writing. After the war, I came to Shogetsu Shrine etc. to Hatsumode after I came back home of Imadegawa Horikawa in Kyoto.

Japanese New Year is Quintessentially Japanese

We celebrated the noodles with red-painted salad with special gold crest and cups, kite fried in the backyard, with feathers, we played Hyakunin. The battledore used to wear with feathers was antique craft goods, it was decorated three-dimensionally with the princess’s pattern, so I was happy to have feathers on it. In the tradition of Kyoto, Omizui is white miso soup on the 1st and 2nd day, contains soft round rice cakes plumped, red ginseng, white radish, there are just a few soup stocks there It was crispy dish. On the 3rd day, it became a misunderstood “baked noodle”, the rice cake was baked and there are a little carrots and spinach there. The color was beautiful. It was Kyoto tradition that the Takano Tofu which was boiled sweet is contained in the beautiful big osechi box. With mouthfeel and fluffy texture. Others are sweet golden eggs and chestnut kimon (representing wealth), small potato (round personality), a few children (progeny prosperity), kelp rolled (rejoice) , Small Shaka (Healthy and Wise Growing) Headed Turkey (Meal), Kamaboko cut like a flower, red and white vinegared (a symbol of Japanese congratulations), boiled black bean (working bluntly) Carrots and burdocks and lotus root Simmered dish (firmly rooting and living).

To my surprise, I did my grandchild ‘s eating meat (an expression to be done on the 100th day after birth) last year, but this was almost like a feast. It is the tradition of Japan that makes sense one by one.

The sign of the New Year was special. The word saying refreshing is perfect, unlike something unusual. I felt that my body and mind were cleansed as I was being swept away from myself, I was born again as a new self and decided to be a good girl this year. Compared to this, my American New Year I had experienced for the first time how dirty it was

This year’s New Year was in NY for the first time in 56 years thanks to injury. I left Manhattan at 6 o’clock in the morning and asked Mr. Takashi Nakagaki (Chairman of the New York Buddhist Association · Former NY Honjyu Temple) to go to the “Mr. Fuji restaurant” on the hill of Hilburn further west of Nyac than Nyac went. It was quietly closed. I parked the car in a parking lot with nobody in it, and when I was walking, there were many wild deers. After a while, because the lighting began to appear in the sky without one cloud, we aligned our hands and thanked the sun, the universe, the country of Japan, our ancestors, my father and my mother. Then I went to the temple called “Chuang Yen Monastery” and prayed for world peace of various religions and came back. Thanks to you I was able to spend a very spiritual spiritual New Year.

Actually, I got injured in October last year and forced to rest for six months. Although it was serious, please let me write what you thought variously from this experience and noticed next time.

Originally published as Vol. 11 in Weekly Biz, January 6, 2018; translated by Jim Luce.

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