How I Became Co-Owner of The Beacon Theater in New York

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It was on the side street with the story of the New Year, but please let me return to the Beacon Theater story.

A story that revived the beacon theater

Headline: pay only for the possibility of listening to cash large sums

Path to co-owner

 Ear information from co-owner
In this way, the beacon theater became a “cultural heritage”, but it is natural, but that does not mean that the monthly rent will not be canceled. Payment deadline will come every month. At one moment, one owner Moskovitz said, “I will tell you a good thing” and said that when you visited it, they suggested me to become one of the co-owner.

“If one of the owners in an agreement between partners says” No “, that plan can not be executed If you join as a member of any owner group at least a little, It will be less painful to be swayed by the decision. ” If you ask, one of the owners seems to move to Israel in your home country, “If you say that you can sell half of ownership,” he said. But since it is $ 450,000 for this deal, I was told to bring it in cash.

I can not have such cash to rely on my parents’ house for the first time, but for the first time at this time I called a family in Tatsumura of my parents house. “Because he is a lady, money comes out from his parents house, so why can I do anything” I often heard rumors, but everything was a lie. I have never resorted to my family until this time, but my aunt cooperated with me because it is a good thing, and I tried my best and went to see the bank bank president. Chairperson told me the New York branch, eventually lending me that $450,000, no interest, without mortgage, only by my parent’s credit. “It is because it is because Longmil’s lady is doing very good things.”

I went to the Israeli and Moskovitz who said that they said that they can sell half of their own shares with this cash that hands the money without signature. Then, this person “It is important to know whether you can trust me or not, so I keep this cash, but I do not write a receipt or write a deposit certificate, I do not sign anything and I still have to pay this money here Will you leave it? ” I decided not to let this opportunity escape at this time. I thought that I had to buy this whatever. Can I lose it? When I asked myself, I thought that this transaction was “money to create a possibility to listen to my opinion.” If you become one of the co-owners, you can participate in the business decision process. If I can not participate, my opinion will never reach the ears of the owners forever and the theater will be destroyed. I thought it should be purchased even with “the possibility to be heard”, so, yes, it is OK With no hesitation and no fear, I reply without fear and deposited this 450 thousand dollars in cash with him. It may be awkward to say from common sense, but rather I felt refreshing if I only did what I should do.

After getting into contract with lawyer’s egg, there was a drama after that. I have never heard such a story! It’s ridiculous to just put a lot of money without taking a sign! That said, the lawyer has left. After that, I was kept waiting for 30 days, it was sunny on 31st day and I got a message and I got a contract and I got a contract. At that time, I opposed President Nixon and, for Jimmy Carter presidential candidate, I, the lawyer’s egg and the other three were making Jimmy Carter’s first office in NY. Because I only knew this lawyer’s egg, Forced to finally take the person who just passed the exam to the contract site, he was trembling in the elevator. Since it was said that “I can become an entire owner of the beacon · hotel as an option” in the draft contract, I told you that this option is also really requested, but please do not enlarge the story because the egg is asking I asked for trembling with him, so I did not talk about it. If I had the whole hotel, I wonder if I got a lot of money now. (Laugh) And then I am happily making it a small part owner of the Beacon Theater and the hotel.

Originally published as Vol. 12 in Weekly Biz, January 13, 2018; translated by Jim Luce.

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