Continuing the Culture of 92 Countries with Beacon U.N. of Art

New York, N.Y. The universe helps each other by calling for participation and having the belief that a group launches with the cooperation of 122 ambassadors and consulates doing things that will do for others.

I came up with making a big international project at the Beacon Theater. “UN of Art (United Nation of Art)” is a project to give people in the world the opportunity to show their culture in New York.

Firstly soliciting from the fall of 1979, in February 1980, I organized a luncheon at the UN Plaza Hotel. I gave a speech in front of the ambassador of 122 countries. The content selects the content that each country’s art is this, sends an artist to New York, and let the New Yorkers show the art at the Beacon Theater. Send letter of invitation to each country to participate in this project. Even now, we have kept reply with the signature of the delegate from each country who gave us a reply to participate, but a lot of countries and regions really participated in it.

Given the right to participate in the participating countries using the weekday day of the year, the Beacon Theater helped the promotion without requiring the minimum necessary expenses, without any rents. Regarding the program, I will tell you to “Please perform a performance that expresses your country”, you can play music, you can do theater, dance, etc., as well as screening films and study sessions, It was okay even to hold something like a rally.

With the cooperation of these ambassadors and consulates, we finally secured the names of 92 countries as founding members, established an organization called “International Arts Center” and organized it as a group organization. We also participated in many well-known countries in Europe and South America, but there are names of countries with many conflicts and names of countries that we usually do not see much. Afghanistan, El Salvador, Iceland, Indonesia, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Samoa, Sudan etc …. Many different countries really participated. At that luncheon, Ambassador of Yoshida of Japan at that time was extremely moved to say “I am very proud of today as a Japanese.”

On October 15, 1980, we carried out the memorable first performance of this project. Multiple pairs of artists appeared in the project “Politicians with Poland | Evening with Poland” sponsored by the Consulate General of Poland. He appeared in the North American debut of the world famous Henrik Tomaszewski’s Polish Mime Ballet Theater.

Improvement of Upper West side and theater status

At this time around the beacon theater was said to be a needle park and it became a haunting place for buyers of drugs, but thanks to this project, high-class people on the East Side came to come and the world But the name of the beacon theater became known, the position of the upper west side and the theater rose.

Originally published as Vol. 13 in Weekly Biz, January 20, 2018; translated by Jim Luce.

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