A Look at the Balance Between the Natural and Human Worlds

New Challenge Looking at the Middle Path

New York, N.Y. In October 2017 I was in injured and forced to rest for six months. Although it was serious, I will share with you one thing I discovered from the experience.

This is the ‘Importance of the Middle Path.’ There are extremes in all things existing naturally in a balanced state. However, although there are extremes in the human world, humans have to look for the middle way in their own right after thinking about both sides.

Overconfidence and Lack of Confidence

Human behavior contains extremes such as confidence (arrogance) and confidence-deficit (laziness). In retrospect, I noticed I had no middle between confidence and self-confidence. If you believed in yourself you could do anything through overconfidence. Because I am doing good things, I can become “overconfident.” I never think I cannot do it. This is one extreme.

Another extreme, “lack of confidence,” is a condition in which I think I cannot do anything. It is a thought pattern that becomes depressed, possibly becoming a neurosis.

Human beings have positive and negative personalities, and as with me, super-positive humans have confidence to achieve anything.

Sympathetic and Parasympathetic

Dr. Toru Abo, who passed away recently, taught about this. He believed immunity is raised by having sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves in the autonomic nerve through the backbone and achieving balance. That is two “extremes.” For that, it is necessary to balance the elements within white blood cells.

Leukocytes are composed of granulocytes, lymphocytes and macrophages.  Sympathetic nerves become influential as the number of granulocytes increases, becoming super-positive.

In this state (called “workaholic” in English), the parasympathetic nerve is advantageous. When there are many lymphocytes, it becomes super-negative. This is being what we Japanese refer to as lazy on the sofa (or ‘couch potato’ in English).

Dr. Abo’s great discovery is that this ratio is not 50/50, but rather 60 to 35%. My far-infrared therapy is based on this theory. Whatever sickness it is, it will improve naturally through immune power, as the power of self treatment goes up.

Where is the Middle for Me?

Last October, I fell from a high place, hitting my head and fainted. When I awoke, I called for an ambulance. After I recovered, I thought perhaps this had happened because of my overconfidence. Where is the confidence of truth, where to go beyond arrogance? I think it depends on people and things.

Where is my middle way? I guess I need to look for it at all times. If everyone is the same, there would be no individuality. Instead of thinking that I can do anything when I do something, can we not momentarily imagine thinking, “I am here in the middle” – and thinking about it? I am looking for it now and this is a new challenge.

Meanwhile, I always say to everyone, “Please have confidence, you can absolutely do it.” That’s because there are too many people who lack confidence. This is the truth, is not it? I think there are also people who think that ‘I do not wake up like this! It would be a lie?’ In my column, but it’s all true stories (laugh).

To believe in yourself is absolutely necessary. If you do not think you can do anything, nothing will begin. Considering the project up to now, I have never thought, “What if I fail?” I always want to do something for others. But I do not have the greed, so maybe I will be helped by the Universe and it will be better. I have never thought about making money or succeeding.

As a result, if you fail to do what you do for others, you will notice the discovery or development of something different. The Universe gives us a variety of opportunities when behaving this way.

In my experience I never follow extremes. Humanity’s measurement is always, Do I gain or lose? But the measurement of the Universe is, Is this a lie or true, correct or incorrect.

Bewitched: Suspicion or Ghost of Myself?

I learned something else at this time. “Illness” is also written to mean illness of your spirit, so I feel that injuries and things other than physical elements are drifting just like this. I would like to write about this again someday, about being taken over by harmful spirits, so please let me know what you think.

Originally published as Vol. 14 in Weekly Biz, January 27, 2018; translated by Jim Luce.

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