The Story of the Tibetan Manjushree Orphanage (Part2)

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Treatment of children’s pulmonary tuberculosis, new school building was born in Manjushree 2015!

From that day I lived together with my children for two weeks, but I lived in jams close together in a narrow place, They are incredible.  They never fight, they will not shout.. Sharing every thing, all things, trying to help each other by anything, leading hands.

I thought that this is unthinkable in other parts of worlds. Although I thought of I went going to help, I felt like I was being rescued, and my heart felt saved in reverse. What are these kids? It is an orphan and some are handicapped children. Mercy mind, cooperative heart, patience, and innocence. There is no jealousy at all  among them. They were all little buddhas

So, everyone is really happy. It seems to find joy in the act of helping others. I was filled with feelings, being  taught so much and I was always filled with tears. While children chanted for raising a loud voice for 1 hour, they let me sit together and I thought how happy I was.

Is this thanks to Tibetan Buddhism? Or is it thanks to DNA? Their Tibetan people are unique people in the world, and their fundamental thoughts should be preserved. When the Dalai Lama says to preserve Tibetan culture, it is not about dance and music. It is that this heart of compassion is to have to be to saved.

Because the plateau was high sea level, I had headache/, but I decided to start examining tuberculosis children  from the next day. Eleven people were tuberculosis positive patients. Dr. Hara, a Japanese doctor and teacher used moxa to cure tuberculosis, so I thought that my Onnetsu far infrared therapy was in theory  the same thing as this moxibustion, I treated all children by looking for hot spots every day. I was looking for hot spots and warmed the spots every day specially according Dr. Hara’s diagrams. The children cooperated, although they were fussing around, but interested.

As part of the treatment, I gave Arizona “Cactus, Honey Powder”. Even though we are giving the correct amount, it was sweet and tasty, so the children shared this and did not eat proper amount, so it was rather difficult.

A miracle has come about when treating  while praying. The numbers of children have improved. By the six days before departure, six people had ever been tubercle ousis free and by all day before my departure, the previous days. All chidren o Tubercylosis, 11 of them, became all free of tuberculosis.  It is a wonder.

I gave chocolate to all the eleven children I treated, which also they shared of course.. Finally the day of departure came. It was sad and full of tears, but a lot of children also cried and sent me off. We promised that after returning I will become  sponsors of nine children of TB who had not yet sponsores To this days, I sposnor them and they are al healthy and happy.

Establishing a new school building is not so easy, we made a fund and over 750,000 dollars (about 804 million yen) over the years. The name of the fund is “Manjushri Orphanage Foundation”. The new school building finally opened on September 21, 2015.

In 16 years, in 2016??  17 children graduated from the Manjushri for the first time. All 17 people went to college with a scholarship, and even after two years passed, they are still honored students in  their collages. I gave Everyone a iPad compueters one by one, gifts.

It is impossible to imagine that all 17 people go to university with scholarship from such a countryside with nothing. Many people from Japan and the USA also sponsored children and schools.

I would like to create a total of nine such schools and orphanages in various places in the world to create a place where young children can learn and eventually teach compassion (compassion). We are already planning three schools of native American orphanages, one in Indonesia, Africa and South Dakota. Children are sponsoring only 36 dollars a month (432 dollars a year). As we are still accepting sponsors as needed, please contact us.

Every July 6, we will hold a gala · dinner celebrating the 83th birthday of Dalai Lama at Marriott · Essex · House. In the usual way, I will contribute a difference of 225 dollars per person so that you can come for $ 180 per person. As dinner is usually 1,000 dollars or more per person, please join us.

Also, on 12th September, funds · lasing · glasses of the Manjshuri Orphanage Foundation will be held. This is $ 135 per seat.

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See: Dr. Kazuko Hillyer Tatsumura Column in Japan’s Weekly Biz



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