Volunteer Experience with Hurricane Katrina (Part 2)

New York, N.Y. When I volunteered at Houston’s Astrodome that accepted 35,000 people who became evacuees in Hurricane Katrina, surprisingly there was hope for the face of most evacuees I met. They were calm, now calm and safe. The children were playing  happy.

Tragedy of Katrina who helped poor people in America The truth of the American poor who noticed in evacuation centers

When I volunteered at Houston’s Astrodome that accepted 35,000 people who became evacuees in Hurricane Katrina, surprisingly there was hope for the face of most evacuees I met. They were calm, now calm and safe. The children were playing  happy.

I felt that they realized that They escaped from Hell of Katrina, But more than that, they  escaped their former poor living. Universe helped by using Katarina and Katrina helped out, so they could escape and their lives. Now they are given at least three meals a day and clean water, there is no crime and can sleep safely at night. A lot of police officers are guarding 24 hours. Medical circumstances were also satisfied, there were lots of volunteers, and everything they needed was provided.  They can watch TV and go out. The lights were turned off at 11 PM.

When I went to the Holiday Inn to take a shower, some evacuees were staying there and the children were happily screaming at the pool, “They had lots of fun in the evening too.  They said They are so furtunate to swim morning.and night. Talking with them often, I learned that they had no previous experience of staying at hotel. Of course, this hotel fee are paid by the government.

Thanks heart recognized from Katrina

It tell me that this disaster is one of purification of our humanity and that we help all those poor and difficult situation in cooperation with all of us I thought there might be something so important in humankind. This is a great opportunity to have compassion for mankind, a friend. Although there were many sorrows and sufferings, I was able to convert this natural disaster into positive energy in my mind. (I was surprised later to learn that the word Katrina has the meaning of “purification”)

If we want to evacuate 500,000 people and try to restore their basic lives safely, we must all help them. The American government was criticized, but I feel that change will occur in a long run. At the beginning of the last century, the Afro American was released from slavery and moved to various places. I hoped again that many Afro-American people will transition from poverty to a better life, once again, this time. Even if any government  wanted to do it, we could not do it with our own power. I want to think that the power of God or the universe has led the group to help one another! I thought.

The lives of these extremely poor people must be better than they are now. Not only the government, but everyone must help. At the evacuation site of Hurricane Katrina, that was happening. Katrina was a valuable event that God taught us  who invited and raised our awareness.

The whole world is criticizing the US government. I also look at criticisms on the media every day. Despite the late start, the US government mobilized a lot of helicopters and ships to help people, I appreciated that the number of dead were much less than the Kobe earthquake and the Sumatra Tsunami. Because humans generally have the arrogance to think that they can control the universe and nature, they criticize others humans. It is  seen in everywhere, but this only makes a negative flow. We should think positively

Do not waste the lives of the victims of Katrina

. I want to think about things in such a way that the victims souls are rewarded and uplifted. We should not let peoples spirits go down, who suffered the damage. So, you should not judge each other and criticize them. Lets go out to help those who have suffered a disaster. Since I came back from volunteers, I felt every day filled with positive energy This experience was and is irreplaceable, I really appreciate that we could use human nature  even in small ways and to serve others in need.. I will continue to do my best. Everyone please join us.

Originally published as Vol. 28 in Weekly Biz, May 26, 2018; translated by Jim Luce.

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