The Story of Onnetsu Therapy

New York, N.Y. There is no coincidence. Everything is under the law of the universe. Do not miss any opportunity … Meet “Iron Teacher” I talked a lot about the work we have done as a impresario so far, but I am currently doing medical treatments and lectures all over the world as practitioners of oriental medicine, so, I will tell you a little about the Onnetsu Therapy I am doing  . It was over 20 years ago when I encountered Onnetsu Therapy,

 one day I read an article on an air plane entitled “Iron Teacher”. Dr. Iron was a Miss. Mitsui (Mitsui · Tomiko) who is treating sick person with HEAT. There was a clinic near the Narita Airport in Chiba Prefecture  in the article, and this I must go! I thought. I was going to India after that, But, I got off at Narita airport immediately and I went to see her

When I arrived, she was treating diabetic patients.  In front of my eyes. Miss Mitsu was steadily warming up with instruments like an iron. On the bed, the patient was caught crying  yelling, and flapping. it seemed to be very difficult, but as she finished, the count number of diabetes which was500 had decreased to 200. I was amazed and  interested I said that I will go to India, but I come back again, I asked. Mitsui to tell me various things, then I went to India.

I have stayed for about a week in Narita since I came back to Japan from India. I first learned and understood how Heat  is necessary for body to recover. . Immediately after that, there was a call from South Africa, and thanks to this person, I found Professor Shimetaro Hara and studied heat and moxibustion throughly.

Hara was a doctor of Western medicine, but he cured everything with traditional  moxibustion. He lived with excellent health till 108 years old, He became famous for the treatment of tuberculosis that was not of course particularly Western medicine. Just a few days later, I travel to the children of TB of Himalayas. What a coincidence (it is not it).

I learned the fact that the far infrared wave of the solar light of NASA of Houston activated the cell of the body, the idea of warmth and warm moxibustion naturally came together in my mind As principle was same.  . At the same time, My new Onnetsu Therapy heater was also completed and I decided to challenge Onnetsu treatment, as I mentioned in the 25 th (May 12 issue), in Tibetan Manjushree orphanage for the tuberculosis children  I was able to heal 11 children in just 10 days!. After that, I registered my own Onnetsuki to the USA..

Workshops in Peru and Cuba

Someone who came from Peru knew the effect of Onnetsu treatment and called to Peru to invite me. I also treated tuberculosis in Lima in Peru , but at this time, we discovered,  that both rheumatism and asthma were also helped by my method, actually some cases were cured. I was very honored that My Onnetsu method which showed a big effect, was to be applied by Peruvian Ministry of Health as a case study of tuberculosis therapy for patients who are not cured with current treatment.

At this moment I was called by Cuba and in Cuba 70 medical professionals gathered and I taught  my Onnetsu Therapy. At this time, my own Onnetsu therapy that I have already created, and I have taught the  concrete way using my device based on my method.

I donated a Onnetski heaters to the hospital and who will correctly and faithfully treat, I received a big results.  For example, 38 cancer patients in the late stage of 40 patients have recovered in 3 to 4 weeks.!!Unfortunately the  two people died before treatment started.

My Cuban lecture was attended  by doctors, physicists, scientists, acupuncturists, medical experts, and everyone was seriously listening to what I was saying. It was the first time for me to have such knowledgeable audiences with such  enthusiasm and knowledge. Every question was wonderful.

My Onnetsu therapy was so successful 100%. Before my eyes to a condition such as asthma, arthritis, fibromyalgia and cancer was treated with such success.   so they were very surprised to see it. The next day more people gathered to study.

In Cuba, because of poverty, they can not get anticancer drugs or expensive medicines. So as a result of working seriously on Onnetsu treatment, such a high effect came out. Thanks  to the results at this time in Cuba, and thanks to the doctors in Peru and Mexico, I began to be called from all over the world.

Originally published as Vol. 29 in Weekly Biz, June 2, 2018; translated by Jim Luce.

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