The Story of Onnetsu Therapy (Part 2)

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Medicine that respects nature’s self healing power is the real thing

I gave lectures on Onnetsu therapy to over 70 doctors in Cuba. And I realized one thing. There are too many unnecessary things among the things that are common in our society. In our socisrty Influenced by the advertisement that they are necessary, we  desperately try to get it. The Cubans still using a moving car which moves by taking care of it, and carries a bag that was still usable. So are they unfortunate? Not at all! Those of us who are fed by desire are in fact, very unhappy.

The modern medical industry is not helping people, but it is a business of making money.

The current medical industry is failing due to extreme capitalism. Due to too much financial appetite, the medical industry is getting away from its original purpose “To Help the sick”.

In all the steps, as they have to make money everything is under an unavoidable structure. Drugs are no longer to help people, but new drugs are developed constantly for business. Making medicines that must be taken  for the rest of life>, ignoring our natural healing power of the body. A lot of poisoning with prescription medicine is reported. The medical costs rise steadily as insurance cost rises. What we have to think today about now is really how we should improve our natural healing power and own immunity. improve

Medical care in Cuba is pure and rather natural

Medical care in Cuba was at least more pure. Because their health care industry has no economic desire or business greed. Will both scientists and doctors get paid salaries equally in the same field? Because of that, the doctors seemed to care for the patient’s health purely and carefully. Indeed, they also placed emphasis on natural healing power.

Cuba does not suffer from the huge pharmaceutical industry and the financial industry like the United States, while the  medical field level is very high, it is highly appreciated in the world. Many Cuban doctors are active in the world. Venezuela alone currently treats 30,000 people and many other doctors are in South America, the Middle East and Africa countries. Doctors in Cuba are dispatched as the number one in the disaster area in the world. The educational system is worthy of praise, Every one can read or write

I think that Cuba’s integrated medical system combining high level  of general education ofWestern and natural medicine, it could become the center of the world., I think that it is possible. in this country without difficult regulations as of present time.

Onnetsu therapy spreading to the world

I think my Onnetsu therapy seems to be spreading to the world at last now. This year there are many requests for lecture on Onnetsu therapy in particular, I am planning to attend 18 world conferences. I believe that this is spread throughout the world now, I believe that Cuban doctors seriously worked at this time,  I am thankful even now. I am delighted that hyperthermia Onnetsu Therapy is now becoming known to the world

Hippocrates is the father of natural treatment 

In recent years I began studying Hippocrates. He is a person who lives in Greece from about 460 BC to about 370 and is known as a father of medicine. As a person who started a scientific approach by separating medicine from superstition and magic, but I prefer to call it a father of natural medicine I think whether it is correct or not.. The teachings are scientific but wholly holistic, based on all nature.

I think that if mankind was advancing medicine faithfully according to the teachings of his words,we would not have become so arrogant medicine like this. Hippocrates’ 600 words are all jewelry of wisdom. I have, for twenty years, being preaching the importance of fever in medicine. And Hippocrates has done it 2500 years ago!!

“The doctor may give herbs first, if you can not get rid of it with herbs, you can heal it even with a knife, if you can not cure with a knife, you can cure it with fever.If it can not be cured with heat, it will not be healed anymore.”  

As acupuncture and moxibustion is recognized as one of the treatment modalities, hyperthermia is also recognized worldwide, it is used by many people  Onnetsu therapy will be used in hospitals as well as in each household That is my wish.

In the meantime, in September, there will be the second world conference on Onnetsu therapy, the second time in Cuba (the first one I organized three years ago). I am looking forward to seeing so many good repoerts. If you would like to join us, please contact us immediately.

Originally published as Vol. 30 in Weekly Biz, June 9, 2018; translated by Jim Luce.

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