The Story of Hyperthermia (Part 3)

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Thermotherapy in which the waves of sunlight and the waves of the deep earth are connected.

This year, the 2nd World OnnetsuTherapy Conference will be held from 3rd to 7th September hosted by Minister of Health in Havana, Cuba. I am getting very demanded in the world right now, as the inventor of this  Onnetsu therapy which is don adapted in hospitals in Cuba, Mexico and Peru,.

I treat patients from four perspectives. (1) wave and light (2) heat (3) balance in sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerve system using Dr. Abo’s theory of Immunity. (4) flow in the whole body of Blood, Lymph, Ki energy.

1) wave and light. It is proven by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) that far infrared rays are very healpful for the healthy body. The NASA definition of the far-infrared range is a wave of 5 to 25 microns. I  use only 8 to 10 microns of waves in this, It match the wave of the quantum of terahertz. Terahertz is extracted from mineral stones from volcanoes such as Aso Mountains and it is so valuable as gold since only thousands of thousands of digits can be used. Both waves are unseeable in human eyes . By using  these different waves Ceramic is baked and used as a treatment tool. This is now patent pending worldwide.

2) The heat of 70 degrees Celsius is added.We use instruments that have reached 70 degrees slowly on the body, but strangely it will come on the skin where there are unhealthy cells And the patient is hot! I will shout. This is called <Ouch reaction>. In this way, Onnetsu can locate a place with unhealthy cells on the skin and treat it carefully over and over again. Unhealthy cells are colder than others.

3) Balance is to balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves in the way taught by Professor Toru Abo. These are in the autonomic nerves and go through the backbone. In treatment, we carefully place a Onnetski device along the top of the backbone. When a patient says it is hot, the organ most related to that bone is probably unhealthy. This spot should be gradually warmed up and until reaction is not hot. That means, the balance of autonomic nerves is achieved, self-treatment power rises, and immunity power rises.

(4) The flow is to make a smooth flow of air, blood ki, body fluid to make this very smooth. This is created from the yin and yang balance of pair organs as they relate to each other.

<Chill bottom> is the cause of the disease

I think that Japan is the country that places importance on heat in the world. From old days there is a word <deep coldness> and everyone knows from a childhood. So we take a bath and enter a hot spring.

The purpose of the Japanese taking a bath is to warm the core of the body rather than washing the body. The life of only an ordinary shower is very unhealthy because it does not warm the lower body. In the past, cancer was stomach cancer, but the cancer of the lower body is increasing now with a tremendous momentum. It will affect the westernized bathing method of Japanese who does not warm the lower body much.

I have always talked about heat in the world, but until now most of the people in the West have not heard me. However, the previous issue = published June 16th = But I found Hippocrates’ words and encouraged me. “A doctor may give herbs first, if you can not get rid of it with herbs, you can heal people even with a knife, if you can not cure with a knife, you can cure it with heat.If it can not be cured with heat, it will not get over it again” He is saying years ago.

Beginning as a thermotherapist This therapy that I studied for 20 years started with the story of Professor Mitsui Rabbit Girls (Mitsui · Tokimeki). Mr. Mitsui asked me to spread to the United States, translating Mr. Mitsui’s work into English and Spanish, introducing my teacher’s achievements in various places, I became a thermotherapist, I am a world I taught inside. The teacher also called to the United States. We sold thousands of Mitsui’s thermal heater.

Since the teacher passed away, the machine was stopped from selling by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare at one time and it became impossible to sell. After that, what newly made was something that I could not use at all, so I went to the grave of Professor Mitsui and meditated for hours in front of the grave. Then a refreshing wind blew and I heard that with her unique accented voice, “Make it by yourself, you can do it already.” So I brought courage and made my first thermal heater and also got a design patent.

I think that the health method not to cool the body is a “perspective” like a treasure in medicine, and it will become the end point in medical science.

Appreciation to Kanemoto Ryumura Kazuko.

Originally published as Vol. 31 in Weekly Biz, June 16, 2018; translated by Jim Luce.

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