Bodhgaya’s Kalachakra (Part 1)

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On the perfect plan breaks

In the spring of 2011, the ceremony of Kalachakra by Dalai Lama wase held in Bodhgaya, India, where the Buddha enlightened 2700 years ago. Usually Kalachakra is held only once or twice during each lifetime for each Dalai Lama, but this Dalai Lama has already been held 32 times. I attended four times so far, I experienced deeply different experiences every time, and I got an immense amount of learning.

What is Cala Chakra? Kara Chakra means “Wheel of Time”. In Sanskrit, Kara is time and chakra is a wheel. In this tradition, many things relate to the concept of time and cycle. It is considered necessary to train to control the trace amounts of energy in the human body, from the cycle of the Earth rotation to the cycle of breathing, as a way to open the enlightenment.

Kala Chakra ‘s ritual is one of the most important rituals of Tibetan Buddhism. “A ceremony in which people’s body and mind, everything in the outside world, such as the universe and the heavenly world, all things are becoming one, If we have this power, we can eliminate the conflict of the world I firmly believe that we should be able to create the peace of the soul and the peace of the world. “(Dalai Lama 14th)

Dalai Lama is acquainted since I went to Dharamsala in 1972. In those days, fewer people can meet him, and I am able to see you in such circumstances, I have made friends, since my teacher, mentor.

Planning a fine journey

When I invited several friends, eventually, 40 friends from various countries came. Fortunately, the founder and Himalaya, principal Rama Topten Punchok of the Orthodontis of Manzhusli, was one of the important operators of this Kara Chakra this time, so I became a volunteer tour conductor for everyone It was.

I do not want to become an adjunct to the tour, I made the plan of the trip very detailed. I divided everyone into small groups of about six people and set leaders for each group. We also made a meeting room, we put a sermon from Rinpoche (high priest) every night, made a Q & A and a place where we could discuss it.

Two wonderful chefs accompanied him, and four pretty girls from the Manzhseuli orphanage came to help us (It was a long way to go from Manzhosli to Bodhgaya more than three days!). I wanted to avoid the participants getting sick from local food. We paid everything in advance, set up perfectly so as not to worry while traveling, and included sightseeing and pleasant lunch in the project. We also secured 25 rooms in the hotel, so we made it payable so that we do not have to bring cash from New York.

It is two days before departure, 27th December. A friend from an old doctor from Harvard graduate graduated with a phone call. He already is in India and there are no hotels so say they will put it in the group. I answered OK because participation can be done one day early.

Cancellation of accommodation and price increase

However, he did not ask Totten and Mr. Topten ‘s assistant, and he went to the hotel by himself without permission. And I sent a terrible e – mail to Topten, “Such a hotel is not a place to stay at Kuto Doctor.” Since I was already on an airplane then Mr. Topten could not contact me.

When Topten returned to the hotel we reserved, a serious incident had occurred. My friend canceled 14 rooms that we had already booked and paid for, I bought it from the hotel at triple the price, we need 25 rooms but the remaining room is There were only 11 rooms. Even that room was said to have to pay at that price. The hotel began to say “The cheap price you paid was a mistake in the first place.” But there were no other rooms in the town, and Mr. Topten went to the bank to pay the accommodation cost of the difference, and the hotel raised the room further while taking out the cash and returning. Is there such a thing? But in reality, this is happening. There was nothing to do

Originally published as Vol. 32 in Weekly Biz, June 23, 2018; translated by Jim Luce.

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