Why Do You Think that I can realize what I want to do

New York, N.Y. Thanks to appreciation and visualization that can be realized

My life is strange and it will come true if there is something I want to do. Of course, I am trying hard but I have great help that seems not to follow just by trying hard or moving anyway hard, things have moved to those who realize, finally realized I will. “I wonder how you can realize the things you want to do more like you like”?

Imaging what you want to do in your head

First of all, I think that it is visualization (visualization). I watch pictures of what I want to do in the head like a movie. Even if it seems impossible actually, if you want to do it. I do not think about my occupation or my current circumstances at all. Actually, that is the best hurdle. “Because I have studied, so I have to go this way.” That’s what many tend to think.

People have learned only this much, so it is a thing to think about wastefulness. I studied it will eventually become a plus in the form of something, so that’s fine. You omit it all. Let it go. Throw it out. You have to think completely free. It is free and it is thinking at all.

Dream when You are Very small is very important

Dreams when they are small are very important. Visualuze this time. g you want to do, you obviously draw visuals within myself again as you did at that time. Although it says “Three year old child spiriti willlast 100 years.

To one hundred thirty souls”, it is indeed a correct word. The teachers ask “What do you want to be when you grow up?” That is very important. I wanted to become a doctor or a pianist. But I went to the music path and actually became a therapist for Oriental medicine now.

If the visual is clearly in your head, something like this will be led. This vision connects naturallly  I will leave it to nature because it will be linked to nature that it wants to do.

I myslef let nature guide. When you have two choices, I dare to go on a thorny road, (The road less travlelled) the reason is that “This one is interesting”. When choosing an interesting path, unlike the easy way that is set up, a lot of interesting things happen, so I choose it.

Thanks to not only people but the fact itself

Appreciation is also important. There is only one hour for 60 minutes, only 24 hours for a day, no one or one second is wasted. Every time you spend you must pay great thanks. Many things happen when you are thankful. Even if you do appreciate the person saying “You did a very good thing”, even if you do not appreciate that person, even in the surrounding atmosphere, whatever happened to the fact itself I appreciate it. Thanking to some people is limited, but thanking the circumstances makes me feel broad and can appreciate cosmic.

I am thankful because I got a present, I am thankful to this person. Just do not thank you for what you have done for someone but thank you for knowing the feeling of gratitude. Infinite thanks. Thanks to living beings themselves, thanks to the entire universe. There are various things everyday, and it all leads to appreciation. I feel gratitude is 1000 things and it will come back after saying 100 times. And it moves the universe. Infinite gratitude

Thanks for the pain.

This person is a terrible person, it is painful to have a thought in your heart. Heavy heart . I wonder why you are doing this! The same thing happens as many times as I think. The other party is difficult because it thinks that it is correct oneself.

Before I had a horrible exereince.

There used to be something terrible awful before. I was shocked when I was traveling with 40 wonderful people to India. But thanks to that kind of thing at that time, I heard that Dalai Lama is lecturing there before complaining, complaining that he got complain. I noticed it was awful. It was because I had a chance to listen to such a story, because I had a very painful thing, I understood that I should appreciate that. I learned that this way

Mother Teresa was talking about the same story. Every time I say thank you, things will get better. And what I want to do is realized. Accomplished.  The rezson why it starts accomplishment is beacias eyou had a heart fo thankfulness. Things that can be realized are the heart to thinking and thankfulness.

Originally published as Vol. 36 in Weekly Biz, July 21, 2018; translated by Jim Luce.

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