Making a vision, doing with destruction to death

New York, N.Y. First job as a boxer.

The very first job as a venue is also interesting …. I wonder why things will not go smoothly every time, it will hit a big wall and get over it, it will be the flow of it. Actually this was also the case.

Phone from Bernstein

In the city of Stuttgart in Germany there was an organization named Bach Collegium Orchestra with a chorus and orchestra. Funding from the German government came out to their American tour, but if Leonard Bernstein called up to the point he was thinking to work as a box office, “Why do not you try doing?” It is said. I have not done anything at the big box office yet. I answered that I could not do it, but Bernstein said “Please listen well,” holding a record and the conductor Helmus Rilling came to my house. So when I heard it with my husband overnight, this was so wonderful that I thought “This may be a treasure given to me” and I decided to do it.Then, I did a very hard effort and the schedule of the tour was almost completely decided in various places. Around that time, a phone call came from Germany and said, “It is unlikely that the German government will do with such a company. I can not afford money for such an organization! This company has no history, I have no history in the past and I do not see it in the phone book It is said that it is saying! That is … I just made an office. Because the name of my office is not on the phone book at the time when the phone book is not printed only once every 6 months.

Negotiate to Germany

I decided immediately to fly by myself. I decided to wear a black long clothing, a long black skirt, wear only glasses, wearing a hat and going out so that it seems a little dignified older. I got all the schedule of the tour and boarded the Agency for Cultural Affairs in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bonn. However, even after passing through, it is quite difficult to get into the main subject only with the story of the weather. If I thought it was strange, I would say that the other party is “Where is Mary Hirya?” It seems that he seemed young despite having built a full eye and seemed to think that I was “daughter of Ms. Hirya.” So, I will not believe my power as saying, “No, I am the principal,” what do you do, how young are you?

But since I was introduced by Bernstein, I did not lose, “Maestro · Rilling is a wonderful musician, we are a great orchestra and a chorus, the schedule for the entire tour is done neatly” When I showed it, it became the atmosphere that I will finally consider it carefully as “I can not do it like this”. I was suspected that “I have a big city or Carnegie hall, but is the contract made?”

I said “I am not on the phone book … Is that such a thing to quit such an important thing? I am very shameful if I refuse it now.” I said extremely tightly. “If you ask, everyone in the stakeholders has worked hard to make music concerts in various places, so even though all the schedules have been completed so far, I can not do such a wonderful tour even if I ask other things from now I appealed with enormous momentum, I went out of the room after I caught my attention.

Negative situation breakdown

As I learned later, it seems that a woman in charge who was in the office of New York, such as the Agency for Cultural Affairs in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, had collaborated with a large company called Colombia, which seems to have been very patronized is. It seems that the negative thing about me has been steadily sent to Germany’s home country. Then, when I realized that, the woman was gone.

A greatly successful tour

When I came back to New York in a couple of days, a telegram came from Germany and I got permission to do it. That concert tour could be carried out. A great criticism came out on the concert at the venue during the tour, and this tour was a great success. At this time I learned. One of the most important things is to make a vision. Having a vision of absolutely great success. What is going to do is to make it for everyone. Another thing that matters if you can do it is to fight with fear of death anyway. I think that I succeeded because I did the two properly.

Originally published as Vol. 38 in Weekly Biz, August 4, 2018; translated by Jim Luce.

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