Child grows lovingly and arbitrarily, “treasure” given from heaven

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Originally published as Vol. 40 in Weekly Biz, Month xx, 201_; translated by Jim Luce.

About my family (2)
Child grows lovingly and arbitrarily, “treasure” given from heaven
The day has come to be my mother. My daughter was born. It was named after the old tradition that my grandfather named his first grandchild, from my father, Reiko of Reika. Although I was in the 80’s most busy period, I thought that I wanted to breastfeed, and although I could not have done only once in the evening out of breastfeeding five times a day, it was 5 o’clock, 10 o’clock, noon in the morning , I went back home to raise mother’s milk every day four times in the evening and worked back to the office.


Take me wherever you travel Since she was about 3 years old, except where she was not sick, she took her destination as far as possible. I do not remember where the first foreign country was, but at one time I did not make it to catch the flight, I got my daughter under his arm and ran towards the gate and the daughter I had was “Kiko chan” Just like holding a doll named … holding it like that … It looked like a comedy (laugh). It would have been interesting if there were pictures left. Now my grandchild is that much year, I remember those days well.

Once I have forgotten Kiko in East Germany and moved to West Germany, I have been to the East Berlin in the middle of the night. That was a hard time … (laugh).


Children also need to be able to devote affection

If you are observing a child gently, only one of them will come out, a toy that a child treasure really. In the case of Reiko it was Kiko-chan. Children love their favorite toys like their own children. My daughter fell in love with Kiko who bought it in Germany at first sight. I let him eat, taught me how to ride a bicycle, I did what she was doing as it was, and grew up growing with Kiko. I learned from here the importance of not only “doing” but also the importance of making an outlet for children to “do” from themselves. I think that it may be better to keep dogs and cats. I do not have to be alive, so there are things that children can give affection, I think that it is better that it is similar to living things. I think that it is very important.

A loving babysitter

It was a big reason because it was a wonderful assistant at home because the work and child rearing were able to deliver fulfilling days there. Mother helped me find mother trying hard in Japan and sent him to New York 10 days before birth. Being ten years older than me, I was leaving the Japanese literature department of Japan Women’s College, I am good at writing and paintings, and writing Japanese poems. Because it was Catholic, I drove my daughter and went to church every Sunday. He loved art and often went to the museum together with my daughter, and it was a helping and babysitter, but I never stayed at home and always got out and gave my daughter a stimulus. I had a conversation with Reiko in Japanese all the time. Before going to America, he seemed to work as a nurse assistant at a Red Cross hospital.


Since coming to America at that time was a Japanese dream, it seems that there are many people who are interested and it seems that her girlfriend want to come, but my mother is not interested in traveling to America, He seemed to have desperately looked for those who were really interested in nurturing children. Children are treasure

People in Japan suffer from child rearing and have many problems with babysitters and assistants, so it seems that many people hesitate to make children, but I would like to say that I am absolutely fine from my experience. Children are fine if there are people who love themselves anyway. Even if it is a father, a mother, or a babysitter, it’s okay, the power of children to live is amazing and will grow up properly by yourself. So I would like to tell those who are worried that I should make more children without worrying at all. All you need is to eat properly. And I think that I hold you tightly from time to time. If possible, the sitter always makes the same person.

There are many difficult things in raising children, but absolutely “bitter” does not end. Children are treasure. Since I got the treasure, I should carefully raise it carefully.

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