Encounter with a Romanian Woman

New York, N.Y. I recently went to London by being called by the World Holistic Medical Congress. I went to a hotel spa during my stay. The one who took charge of me there, Elena Naku, who is the one who ends in KU in Romania, so when I ask “I am from Romania?” He seems to have immigrated to London about 15 years ago. Thanks to her, I recall many things about Romania.

My uncle’s death and mother’s illness

She said that her uncle who fought in the Romanian revolution in 1989 died of cancer last year, she regrets not having sent money when her uncle is in trouble economically. Her mother was her sister ‘s older sister, desperately nursed her uncle, and if I had a little money I did not send it at that time.

Her mother now seems to be sick this time and is now under medical treatment in Romania. She seems to have been married once, she was violent with a  alchoholic great drunken drinking, she seemed ran away from.

There was a 15 year old boy and the boy is a very nice boy, but he seems to be possessed by something because of such a lot of hardships, so I felt it was getting a little strange, so I talked about various things for a while.

It is hard to stop blaming yourself, right? One blame you all the more, and it gets filled with only negative images. Her uncle first got cancer, my mother desperately cared for it. It is difficult to think positively in this situation due to the civil war after the painful dark revolution, but only to thank your mother. The way of mind changes.

First, I said, “It is a waste to blame yourself every day for your uncle.” I wanted to say, “It is irrelevant to blame yourself, you should not do such a thing”. “That’s outrageous”.

It is a natural occurrence that a person dies. I think that it is easy to understand if it is an expression that leaves it to the universe. Space told her uncle, “Since my uncle has come home, I leave it to the universe, I do not care about that, I am not responsible.” I told my uncle.

She blames herself about her mother. I think every day that I made a cause for my mother becoming sick, but instead of filling with my feelings of blaming myself, I proposed to fill myself with thanks. gratitude

A mother who worked hard on her uncle’s care. A mother who did a terrible event that might have been leaning on her instead of you. So I said I should appreciate it.

A trial given to overcoming

It is also said that such a trial is given to her, “Because the universe is trying to strengthen you by somehow.” “I need you to overcome it now, so this trial is coming now” I also told you the story. Things happen naturally and progress in a natural direction, what happens in nature happened for you, it happened because of the ability to overcome, that is fine I thought that it was, “I told you 

Has to do with abuse alcoholic husband – she ran away

It is the same as that of a huge violent husband who sucks cigarettes with a drunkard. She ran away from there, but the 15-year old boy who made it during that time is wonderful. I am studying hard at a child who has a firm understanding of myself and thinking of becoming the president of the future to help Romania. What a beaiutifl thing. You musr have gratitude for your husband for helping create this child.

It is a child with that hard husband, so we must thank this husband too. He seems to love children.

She has a very complicated feeling because she knows that he feels very scary to see his son because he feels scared and can not be helped. Bad influebce The feelings of human relations are also complicated. Among them, what I have to concentrate most on now is about my mother. Focus your attentionon your moteer, To her who is feeling guilty to her mother, “I must thank my mother for doing my best for you, because I can send money little by little, please send money to my mother” GRATITUDE and give Kazuko gave small amout of money for her mother me more money It was. I was a very nice person so I’m transferring money to my mom now

Originally published as Vol. 41 in Weekly Biz, September, 2018; translated by Jim Luce.

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