Memories after the Romanian Revolution

New York, N.Y. Romania is a country with many dark stories about spirits since ancient times, such as Dracula’s story.

Invited Jewish Theater to the United States

There is a theater company called Jewish Theater in the poor district of the capital of Bucharest. It is a theater company that performs performances related to the culture and history of the Jews in Yiddish and continues to perform constantly during the Second World War, keeping tradition. Everyone does not know about that, but I thought that it was a fine theater and invited them to America in 1990.

Performed in New York at the Brooklyn Academy where many Jews live. People who know that “Dybbuk” play famous. A woman who is possessed by a bad spirit is the story of the hero. If it brings anything, it was interesting and amazing … I wanted to bring the most important masterpiece in their culture, so I chose this program. In the same way, when I played Kabuki performances, I chose it regardless of whether I was known or not, but this was a great success.

I am traveling over Romania, Poland, Hungary etc. because  gallery owner Talma someday takes me to my trip. Hiring a driver from Hungary and eating a delicious yogurt with delicious freshly made rice in a rural village by car was evening when I reached Bucharest the capital.

At a hotel where a prostitute sits 

That time, right after the 1989 Romanian time revolution. I arrived at a famous hotel called Hotel Bucharest, but it was a place where the former president’s Ceauşescu was hiding and a massive killing, so as far as I can see, all the walls are full of holes.

I went to the bar and there were only two seats at the good place so we were sitting there and drinking it anyway. Then, strange things happen. Many men often go behind us. If you go through, you will see us from top to bottom, and go.

After a while another man came and  will go again. It’s funny, I wonder if it’s rare because it’s an American and Japanese, so it’s a story of a bartender and I knew that the place was a place for a prostitute sitting (laugh).

I ran all day by car and did not enter the room, but we looked llike two elder women who were seemed not to pass as a call girl. (Lough)

Meet Petr Roman Prime Minister

Before this trip, I was watching the state of the Romanian revolution on American TV. A person named Peter Roman (Petre Romain) was the hero of that time. It was very cool looking wearing military uniforms and beards, and there were charisma and indeed it was an outgoing person called “General”.

When I arrived in Romania, I thought that I would like to see that person, I said to Tarma, “I want to see you, I’m going to go to the Palace” and I thought that I could meet if I went to the palace and went by myself. At this time it is hard to take Tarma, if it is mistaken as a spy and she is killed.

The palace naturally had an escort and he had already become a prime minister, but he went out thinking that he would “meet” rather than “can we meet?” At the entrance, “I am a Japanese living in the USA, working on connecting the country and the country, I am working to bring various arts from various countries to the US, but I would like to see Peter Loman.”

The escort was quite surprised and said “It is impossible, it is impossible” many times, but I said, please ask me anyway, after 30 minutes I will come back and say “I can see you” As I was, I said “Huh!” I followed behind he gaurd. By the way, it is better to go alone at such times.

It seems like a normal businessman, disappointed

I was surprised to see through the room. A man looking at a tremendously handsome bearded television, there is no beard, and a person wearing an Italian suit is sitting. I thought “Eh! This is totally different!” (Laugh).

I thought that I could meet a charismatic hero. Anyway, welcoming it pleasantly, even if asking “What would be interesting if you were going to bring it from America to America from Romania”, he will not tell you anything artistically He had bo idea baout art – just fought hard desperately until the other day, so it seems so!

Talma was surprised when I came back to the inn. “No, that is, the impression of the TV was nice, but it looks like a normal businessman, I was disappointed.” After that, wonderful Romanian puppet show and famous “Madrigal” accopella chorus are wonderful. I also did a U.S. tour.

Originally published as Vol. 42 in Weekly Biz, September 1, 2018; translated by Jim Luce.

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