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Cuba who strives hard to go between capitalism and communism

Two types of currencies can be exchanged

It was my tenth visit to Cuba this year. Many things have changed a lot since two years ago. We also talked about this in the last issue = = October 6 =, but I repeat here. Now, in Cuba there are two types of Cuban Pesos. (CUC) for tourists and Cuban pesos for Cuban people(CUP). The salaries are paid to Cuban in CUP.  In the past Cubans could NOT carry CUC. It was in violation of the law, but these two currencies came into exchangeable two years ago and the Cubans can exchanged at 25(CUP) to one CUC. The price is indicated now in two currencies at the restaurant.

Dodge of change

After this mechanism started, in the city I began witnessing the strong greed to have CUC among Cubans  and some started to cheat foreigners in the desire of CUC. People who are in direct contact with travelers, such as taxi drivers and restaurant waiters, will try to grab  CUC and cheat foreigners. ! I was very sad to see this. The Cubans began to change!

For example, just stealing a little CUC and stealing it will be 25 times CUP, so it can be said that in Cuba, where 800 CUP is the average salary, this system change had a huge impact. As I  took a taxi, for the change of 25 CUC I was to receive, I was given 25 CUP !! He handed over 25 CUP instead of 25 CUC. A friend of mine also faced a deception a lot. When I went to a place , a shop where only CUC could be used before, I saw many Cuban . Both CUC and CUP were written.

Let’s say, There was 800 CUP of salary and it was a quantity enough to live without extravagance, but if you have CUC you can shop a lot more in foreign goods are sold. How sad that Everybody cheats in greed of CUC! something cheap, but I feel that they want to have CUC and it seems natural.

There is no medical expenses in Cuba. The minimum and education of food, clothing and shelter are guaranteed, and it is free. However, it seems to me that there is ambition or desire to be more rich. People who have lived in simple life in their history have become anywhere else in the world because they are  able to behave like foreigners by suddenly only having CUC.

I also went to Indonesia the other day, but it is a very poor country but people are happy.,  I could not put up with this kind of dirty way in new Cuba, there was a big difference.

Cuba as a country is poor without money and the Japanese government has recently made a lot of donations.

In my opinion, I think that unless it is unified into either ONE PESO SYSTEM, it will become desaster.   a serious thing. Cuba will have to raise salary as much as one can, with one currency. Even if we secure education, living place, food and doctor, we can not earn money if CUP value of CUP is so low. so it seems that everyone who is outstanding will leave Cuba.  How sad this will be..

Pride as a Cuban

It can be said that the country of Cuba is the only country that is working hard to make the average of the people rich, using the communist ideology, to succeed.

Cuba is for long time a colony of, Spain, then America, Russia. The country that has been always controlled  by foreign countries. But, the Cubans has a pride as a Cuban person and trying so hard not to be oppressed by other countries as much as possible.. Cuba will not easily receive the money from China that is trying so hard to control the country of Cuba. I hope this will NOT happen.. Although China did started like that, money has become God, morality and religious ideas are getting ruined. And the government dominates all of the money financially

I am sad, the Cubans who fled from Cuba and came to the USA often say bad things about Cuba. How valuable are the people who are working hard to remain. It is a country to cherish. I want people in Cuba to do their best. I hope that they will work hard at the mechanism of going between capitalism that they get money as much as they work under the ideology of communism that develops while equalizing each other.

 Cubans are superb human being.. Thanks to education, it is really wonderful to see that all people dressed well and berhave well  properly with intellectuals and dignity., Cubans help each other well. It is sad that now some cheating travelers But Knowing Cubans’ spirits, and Honesty and Diligences. I hope this is a temporary situation, which soon disappears. I want Cuba to succeed.

Originally published as Vol. 44 in Weekly Biz, Month xx, 201_; translated by Jim Luce.

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