Vol. 45 – “World Onnetsu Therapy” event in Cuba (2)

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Originally published as Vol. 45 in Weekly Biz, Month xx, 201_; translated by Jim Luce.

“World Onnetsu Therapy” event in Cuba (2)

Cubans Celebrated my 80 years birthday for THREE NIGHTS!!

In the 29th = June 9 issue posted =, I have detailed the story that I went to Cuba for the first time. Cuba is the first foreign country to accepted Onnetsu therapy seriously and I will never forget that the first time for the World Congress of Onnetsu Therapy  was held in 2015.in Havana!

September 4th to 7th this year is the 2nd World Congress, held as  anti Western medicine (holistic medicine) to be held hosted by the health minister of Cuba, on 6th and 7th For the 2 days of the day, only about Onnetsu Therapy energy, about 15 doctors from various countries gathered and announced new facts such as cancer, rheumatism and tuberculosis.

I have also talked about breast cancer from a recent case. In addition, I announced for the first time the story of a new platinum thermometer, far infrared rays and terahertz mats that are applying for patents in the world now.

I use terahertz frequency and far-infrared 8-10 rays, But,  the effect is better, deeper, faster and unhealthy cells are found and treated better than before. Miyashita of engineer also flew  from Japan and explained a lot about terahertz. In New York I am planning to announce at World Expo (NEWLIFE EXPO) from 26th to 28th October.

During the period, just September 6 was the 80th birthday. Everyone celebrated for me over 3 nights.!

On the first night, we went to the “Buena Vista Social Club” where they won the Grammy Awards = Photo. All the musicians playing on stage are wonderful people over 50 years old. People who are doing Afro Cuban music and dance from long ago, that unique rhythm groove. How fun it was! If you have something to go to Cuba, please go there. The club has been divided into 2 clubs now, but the original one is recommended. On that day, an 85 – year – old performer was appearing, so I danced with him on stage Samba on stage with me, 80 year – old and 85 – year – old. It was a fun night as the stage and audience seemed to be exciting.

The next day, a student who was an old- student of mine planned a surprise party for me at a luxurious mansion with a pool that the Dutch lived in the past He rented it for the day and night.. About 30 people gathered together. I really appreciated having taken the trouble to bother for my birthday party.

In dinner, the best dish in Cuba, the baked  whole little pig appeared! Although I was sorry, I felt compassion that his wishes of best thing to be served,  I felt so much appreciation . It was a delightful evening.. I was crying in my mind, but I wonder… The little pig seems to have been smiling! my mind was having fun with the little pig. It was really fun.  I was so worried because he has spent four months’ salary that night!


On the last day , the third day of my birthday night, , about 400 people gathered for a dinner at a big venue. There is also a band, everyone danced, it has been tough to overflow from the venue (laugh) to streat! A big cake also appeared and I was filled with gratitude that I truly love Cuban people. This party is organized by the health minister and I am thankful. Thus the 2nd Thermal World Competition ended in such a joy!!.

Fly around the world

This year I will go to Slovenia now. Last year I was unable to travel due to a serious injury, but I went to many places this year and I am going to go from now on.to even more cities, Zurich, Amsterday, Mexico, Spain!!.

Although there is a World Religious Conference in November, basically the schedule is mainly the Lectures and coach of holistic medicine and Onnetsu medicine all other. As Onnetsu Therapy is a way to raise self-healing power, anything can be improved regardless of the type of disease.

Even though breast cancer patients were melon at college, the cancer was overflowing and she was notified that she will die in two or three days, the Onnetsu Therapy  is working for her, and she is getting better and better. Everyone was very moved.

I will fly around as long as my body stands.  I want to convey this Onnetsu Therapy to the world, which may save many people’s lives.



Business trip schedule of this year

April Turkey, Israel

May Japan

June Boston, Cuba

July Canada (Vancouver), Japan

August Norway (Oslo), UK (London), Indonesia, Japan

September Cuba (Havana), Slovenia, Japan

October Switzerland (Zurich), Poland (Warsaw), the Netherlands (Amsterdam),

November Mexico (Monterrey), Spain (Madrid), Canada (Toronto), Ireland (Dublin)

December Japan

(The next issue is published October 27)

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