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Talk of World Religious Council

Today I came back from the World Religious Council. It was decided that you will be invited to this meeting suddenly by receiving Spring contact this spring. The story at that time is written in the 46 th.

The religious council is a non-governmental organization (NGO), a symposium aimed at helping representatives from various religions from all over the world come to dialogue and cooperate for peace. It is held once every four years, and this host city was Toronto, Canada. More than 200 religious representatives from all over the world gathered, almost all religions are participating, only Japanese Shintoism is not present, and I suddenly called for reasons

I have been studying Shinto for the whol eof my life, but I have not done anything as a priestess yet. The theme that I was asked to talk at the religious conference this time was the involvement of Shinto and Buddhism in Japan. About the relationship between Buddhism and Shinto after Prince Shotoku. Buddhism and Shinto coexist in Japan for over 1500 years, so we decided to talk about how long it continues and how long it has been. (This is called Shinto-Buddhism study, also written in the 48th)

flew to Toronto for this. This time we sent you the marijuana (Ohmusa) we use for payment from Tianhe Shrine, we made a warrant shrine of the women from the Heian period and brought it. This is a very similar expensive costumes to wear at the wedding ceremony, it is expensive to start where we make silk thread with silkworm and weave cloth

Time to talk with Mr. Nakagaki of Jodo Shin Buddha in the form of a dialogue and the other is about time for me to talk with one person “About how to help people suffer” There was also a role for female participants to be exiled and given a role and it was planned to appear three times in total.

Around 10,000 people participated in the opening where Dalai Lama’s message etc. are introduced, and it started in a very wide place. After that, every day, the contents are divided into about 20 rooms and various contents progress at the same time. I participated for the first time, but I was surprised at a very big place. Surprisingly Sikhism, we all had participants feast lunch. The meeting was held for one week.

November 3 was scheduled to talk with Mr. Nakagaki and me, but

Mr. Nakagaki’s sister passed away and suddenly he returned to Tokyo. I have become one, but I talked hard, talked about hard, Shinto’s history, the beginning of Japan, the story that everyone does not know, I added the myth of Kojiki also so listen carefully to everyone I got it. Actually, since my family education was a Shintoism, I entered the primary school of Shintoism and I was taught the history of Japanese for a long time ago

However, the resident forces came and the school was closed, all the books of history had been burned down, and it is said that there is no such thing as Amaterasu Ogami, as it is supposed to be a story of Japanese history so far It was changed, the history of Japan was changed. Anyway, this session was a great success with me alone. It seems that everyone heard about Shinto in Japan for the first time.

In addition to the lecture given to me, Mr. Nakagaki had to cover three contents which I was in charge of, and I appeared 5 times. Since I had no time to prepare these things, I talked hard about what I came up with from the knowledge I now know.

Anyway, more than 10,000 people gathered together are doing important work of religious relations, meeting people People I meet are wonderful people, I talked about Shinto every time I meet. Everyone knew the word Shinto, but it was my first time to hear the story of Shintoism. It seems that he was very interested and a lot of people gathered to me.

Shinto not known in the world

I now understand that Shinto is not known yet in the world although I am interested only in this way. To appreciate nature and appreciate nature, it is the first important thing in Japan’s Shinto to feel that things in nature are sensible, worshiped, accepted and accepted that there is a great existence than me . And it is Shinto to understand others. I think this is a way of making the world peaceful. I would like to continue to talk about Shinto’s way of thinking if there is opportunity for everyone.

I am very encouraged to think that we are going to participate this time and think that so many people (over 10,000 people) are praying for peace from all over the world. How honorable it was to announce it there. Thanks godhead.

Originally published as Vol. 49 in Weekly Biz, August 23, 2018; translated by Jim Luce.

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