All Children Born in this World are Treasures of the Universe

Need For Comprehensive Facility In Japan Where One Can Learn About The Heart

New York, N.Y. I am thinking recently about ‘How to Raise Children.’ I have only one daughter and at the busiest times of the past I juggled both parenting and work. Now that I have a granddaughter, I have some thoughts about parenting again. And I am also thinking about my future dream of “making nine orphanages around the world.” I want to raise good and happy children!


Everywhere I have thought of making an orphanage was in a developing nation, and I always thought that in an affluent country like Japan there was no need. However, the news that Japanese children are being killed these days has increased rapidly, and it has started to shift my thinking in how Japan must respond.

There are many such cases where parents killed a small child, being bullied and having a child die. Japanese children in such a situation can get into a facility, but I think that they should create a place that is not just a “facility” but also has a school function tht teaches mind develoment.

Not only would children live there, but there would also be traditional study; a place where you can teach compassion of the mind. It would be similar to the Tibetan Manjushri Orphanage that H.H. the Dalai Lama, Thupten Phuntkok monks and I built high in in the Himalayas of India on the Chinese border.


All children born to this world are treasures of the universe. They have a right and ability to become, any child can become a wonderful person. In Japan, the average of intelligence tests seems to be falling more than before, but we cannot feed the childerna t home and have a probel. system of

hildren who are in trouble in academic ability, for example, can not eat at home, so there is a problem, so it is not an idea to enter facilities

I would like to create an educational facility based on the idea of how to bring up children who would like to play an active part, and to create such a place where many children will go from there and play actively. That’s what I want to do. It is a pity that the Japanese government does not support such an idea.


Japan may still be said to be an affluent country, although the economic situation is worse than in the past. In such a rich country, you know there are not enough children. Why does the government of Japan not encourage or support a higher birthrate and raising of children. Instead, society goes in the opposite direction where children are killed… CONRTY SHOLD INVEST IN CHILDREN

In France, once the flames of World War II had been extinguished — and the population much diminished — the government paid a large sum for every child who gave birth to support and subsidized the subsequent costs to regrow its population.

I would like you to create a school like Manjushri and educate them as Japanese, rather than entering a facility. It seems in Japan there are many elderly people now and it is difficult, but I think that it is nothing to give money, for example about 3 million yen, to women who have children in order to increase the number of young Japanese in the future.

Then women may lose the chance to abort or throw away your child. There is nothing to do with women’s circumstances or poverty, but as a reward for giving birth to a child, the government raises about three million yen “as a national treasure” for children.

CHARIKAR, Afghanistan -- Mili Suits stands with a group of Afghan children here. She visited the village orphanage to help distribute $300 worth of shoes to the children residing in the youth shelter. Funds for the footwear were donations raised through the 455th Air Expeditionary Wing's flag-flying program at nearby Bagram Air Base. Ms. Suits is an airfield manager participating in the Air Force Contract Augmentation Program. (U.S. Air Force photo by 2nd Lt. Michael Sheley)

After that you will be asked to enter a school like Manjushri. Why does the government ignore the situation where children die? It seems that the child who committed suicide because of this abuse was also a unfortunatle, nefglected but wise child, and I must do something as soon as I think about such things.

Japan has children A country that can behelp others. IF WE HAVE LESS PEOPLE< BAD FOR WORDL. the world Japanese people should be people who can consider each other and help each other, and if the world is peaceful, if there are fewer Japanese people, I think it is really a loss of the world.


If it is only for the purpose of increasing the working population, it may be possible to solve the problem even by bringing labor from abroad as the government is doing now, but Japan’s caring, helping and understanding each other who will take over culture.

I think for me, who has travelled all over the world and lived in the United States for so long, there is no such country in the world like my Japan and it was really good to have been born there! Even if you wished to be like a Japanese, you cannot be unless you are born and raised in this special culture and atmosphere.


I believe the Japanese are the people who can do it for peace. We need to be more proud and be a country where Japanese people can take care of children and send them out to the world!

Originally published as Vol. 70 in Weekly Biz, May 4, 2019; translated by Jim Luce.

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