Budapest: Reunion with My 50-Year-Old Friend Beata (Part B)

A Journey in Budapest Reminds Me of the Past

New York, N.Y. When I walk in the city I’m traveling to, I remember the various jobs I’ve done so far. For example, in Poland, I think that something like this happened here, and I invited Tomashewski for that.

However, IN BUDAPEST, I remembered what I was talking about with Mr. Beata, who became my best friend later. ,WE DID MANY THINGS IN BUDAPEST. I STAYED INT HE MARRIOT THERE.

not at the performance I visited in Budapest the other day.The Buda district is over there and the Pest district is over here, with the famous Danube flowing in the middle. Even the trivial things are remembered in the unchanging scenery.

I stayed at the Marriott Hotel in Budapest, but the view from here is so beautiful. I had a wonderful experience unlike when I stayed at YMCA in the old days. Letter from lover at Amex bases in each city B

Do you know that American Express, which is now famous for credit cards, was in the transportation and travel industries? One of the services that Amex was offering was a service like the PO Box IN EACH CITY.


There are bases in tourist destinations all over the world, and you can send mail to them. If you are traveling, even if you haven’t decided where to stay, you can send a letter to receive it.

At that time, I wanted to break up with Rafael Hilliya, so I tried to escape, LEFT ON TRIP ALONE and it was a trip I went alone, so I went on a trip without telling HHIM where I was.

However, no matter which city I went to , I visited Amex bases and found that the letter to me was very thick.N o matter where you go in Paris, Italy or London.

Since it was my first trip to Europe, I thought I would go around in various ways, and I got a love letter in an amount that would make it more than 10 cm thick everywhere I go, especially in Milan, where my painter’s brother lived . It was fun and that was the largest amount. Now I’ve begun to rethink. I STARTE DTHINKING DIFFERTLY At the end of the trip, I wondered if it had arrived, and I became curious. The opponent’s strategy was successful. I STARTED TO MISS HIS LETTER…

That’s why I came back to America and got married.

By the time I got home, I told him when I would be back, and HE was picking up flowers at the airport and said no to me many times, but I was asked to get married again.

At times, I said yes. Then I thought, “Oh, I didn’t tell my parents!”, But it was too late. This is another story. (Lol)

Enjoy at the spa with Mr. Beata for the first time in 50 years

On this trip in Budapest, I used to take a trip with Mr. Beata to see OLD ROMAN  the old Turkish bus that existed hundreds of years ago. It was closed for a long time, but I was lucky that the construction was completed a year ago and it was restarted. When I went to Ms. Beata in 1963, I was able to do everything from a massage for $3 when I was still socialist, and it was more like a general hospital.

It wasn’t a relaxing spa, I was told to go and go, and I walked around the building to get medical treatment. When I visited this time, the building was already old, but the water was decent and interesting. OTHER YOUNG PEOPLE WERE HERE

When I told the receptionist that I came 50 years ago, I was really surprised. This time it was thought that many young people were coming and the understanding of hot springs REALLY ENJOYING It was a nice hot water!

When I was with Beata, there were a lot of old stories. SO MUCH TO TALK Both of us are old, and Beata’s heart is weak, and I’m wondering if this is the last time I can travel with this person.

I thought it hadn’t changed. WE were stubborn and quarreling with each other, and when I told them to go this way, GO THAT WAY it was like that (laughs). But for me, this person is really the oldest and closest friend. WE WERE been stubborn since I was a student, and she was stubborn, and that hasn’t changed at all. I missed it. I don’t think there are many friends like this. It’s something that you’ve been on good terms for 55 years. (Next issue will be on June 15th)

Originally published as Vol. 74 in Weekly Biz, June 8, 2019; translated by Jim Luce.

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