In Wein, the Moving Performance Known as Vienna Operetta

New York, N.Y. Vienna operetta moving performance Vienna, the Austrian capital, has a special feeling. Known as the capital of music all over the world, it has been commended as a person who has contributed to the artistic development of Vienna and has received a gold medal named Gold Medal of Cultural Merit. I am honored, happy, happy and one of my SPECIAL precious memories. from vienna mayor

When I was working as an international IMPRESARIO  I was invited to three big programs from Vienna over the course of two years, and it was a great success in performances around the world.

One is the performance of the operetta of the Vienna Folkes Opera group. The other is from the city of Salzburg, the performance of the Mozartium Orchestra (also known as the Mozartium Orchestra).

Another was a classical music group. Above all, the performance of Operetta was an amazing success for me even if I look back. An easy-to-use operetta

An operetta is a drama with an orchestra that has dialogue and dance like an opera, but the subject and music are not as difficult as an opera and are directed “for the masses to enjoy.” It’s often a comedy, so it’s easy to enjoy, and the size of the choir and orchestra, the stage equipment, and costumes are so gorgeous that it’s DIFFERNT to opera, and it’s a nice place.

From the time I started working as an international IMPRESSARIO, I THOUGHT Operetta was the originator of the birth of Broadway Musical!

I was living in NY, so I was more interested in operettas than opera, and flew to Vienna to invite operettas and decided to talk. BEGAN NEGOTIOANTS

It was about 20 years ago when I started working as an international entertainer.The noun “operetta” originally means “small opera”, but its scale is by no means small. Including the leading singers, actors, chorus band, and accompaniment orchestra, there are about 200 performers.

If you add staff such as costumes and props to it, you will have a team of about 400 people. The amount of costumes and props is also amazing. The costumes used in these three operettas were wonderful costumes from Vienna in the old days, including the works of the craftsmen at their peak. It was gorgeous and luxurious, and the decoration was large.

Build your own travel agency

The number of people and the amount of luggage are unimaginable, so it is difficult to get a hotel. If you put one airplane on the same plane, it will be difficult if something happens, so it is customary to put it separately in such cases. I DECIDE TO MAKE A TRAVEL AGENCY – ONLY FOR MY OWN EVENTS

This kind of work is so complicated that ordinary travel agencies are low-ranked and inevitably poor, and I had been making travel agencies myself for a long time. It was a travel agency that was in charge of only my own performance, but it was really helpful because of this. I was able to do detailed negotiations with the airline directly, which made it easier.

Because the size of each performance required different staff, I always hired more people for each performance and reorganized the team. There are about 20 people in a big team at an opera performance.

Vienna’s “Forks Opera” tour was in the spring of 1984. In NY, we decided to use the State Theater as the venue. The first performance in the United States for a total of 4 weeks.

Other than the Lincoln Center, THEY visited Washington DC, Chicago and Los Angeles. Next, WE went to Japan and performed for the same period. It was the first time that Operetta came to America and went to Japan.

There were three PROGRAMS OF MOST FAOUS OPERATTAS I noticed. “FLEDERMAUS” (J. Strauss) and “Merry Widow” (F. Lehar), which are well known in Japan and are said to be two masterpieces of Operetta. And the “Queen of Chardash” (E. Karlman), which was very popular in Europe.

I’m the originator of the musical from which Broadway comes! I thought that point ANGLE was interesting, BG HIT so I emphasized that point when advertising. You’ll be happy to show it to Americans! I felt that. This advertisement was a big hit, and a lot of Broadway producers and theater officials came to see it. On the day, it was so SOLD OUT that there was a scalper, and I really enjoyed it.

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Originally published as Vol. 3 in Weekly Biz, June 15, 2019; translated by Jim Luce.

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