What I Wish to Convey through Serialization (2)

Money Comes Down from Heaven?! JULY 13

I have never done anything for money, even once since I was born. Usually,INT HE FIELD OF BUSINESS,  it’s important to make money or sell money. Therefore, I buy things from somewhere (expenses) and make income based on them.

If the difference becomes +, it will be profitable.I have no such idea. I don’t understand that kind of “profitable.” It’s an interesting word when you think about it. You’re just saying that you can make money, right? I can’t do IT LIKE that. I’ve made money by accident, but that’s not the purpose, so I’m not happy or sad that I can make money. I COULD care less.

Difference in consciousness about money

The cultural differences about money are interesting. When they invited a musician from a communist country to a concert, they tried to make us use it as A BIG CHANCE TO MAKE A PROFIT bang-bang money as it was an opportunity and tried to MAKE us pay it all.

This is certainly a kind of wisdom, SHREWD, but it thinks our position with the roughness of money as if the company we invited had a tree THAT GROWS money. In a capitalist society, everyone desperately works and makes money. THEY NEVER THINK ABOUT COMPASSION FOR US. It was an experience that made me think that I had completely ignored such things.

As long as you do good things for others, no matter how much you spend, you will always get help later. That’s why WE always think that money comes from heaven.

Thank you very much for overcoming many difficult things, and when money comes down as a reward. That means it’s great. It is important to receive it when it falls. If you don’t HOLD the bowl up, you won’t notice IT when it rains. It will flow from the side. Even if WATER CAN BE BOUGHT, YOU SHOULD USE IT WITH GREAT GRATITUDE.THERE FORE ONE DIES NOT WASTE ANYTHIG.

PEOPLE ASK, WHAT ARE YOU GOING OT DO IF Y9U FAIL? But if I make a mistake, I’m confident that if I get hired in New York City to clean the road, I can raise SOMEONE’S child. Whether you’re cleaning the road or helping your house, you’ll have a great experience. One sentence isn’t too bad, because I just need to work again. I was thinking. The more scared you are, the less you know why you are scared.

Anyway, people wake up in the morning, breathe in and exhale. If you are hungry, you can eat even a piece of bread. You might think you’ll starve if you don’t eat it, but you can definitely eat it in New York now. You will always get food somewhere.

I think it’s wrong to think that it will work, that there is no money, or something like that. IT’S WORNG TO HAVE SIC NEGATIVE THOUTHS. It just happens. If you don’t die. YOU WILL GET THROUGH SOMEHOW. IT IS A VALUEABLE EXERIENCE. I AM NOT SCARED OF THIS KIND OF THING. There is no word for “failure” IN MY LIFE because I do big things, and if I really want to do something good, I am thankful and hard. Because there is no ego.

WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK OF ME IS BAD. IF YOU THINK LIKE THAT, IT’S TERRIBE. I think it’s not good because I think it’s ugly. The word ugly means that you care about what others might think. IT’S WORSE TO WORRY ABOUT WHAT OTHER PEOOPLE THINGK ABOUT YOU, This is ugly. You just have to think that you are looking good. Ego is different from compassion Thinking about the feelings of others can be compassionate, but it’s the ego that cares about how others think of you. I THINK ITS VERY BEAUTIFUL – ITS OKAY. I’m not caring, the two are completely different.

I have to think carefully about why I care about people. COMPASSION. BUT WHAT OTHER PEOPLE MIGHT THINK OF YOU IS VERY MISERABLE, EGOTISCAL MIND. I wonder if it really harms others. Rather, I’m just worried about how I look at it. What other people think of me is the ego and the paper. I think it would be a waste to have someone tell you that it is not possible and give up on the way, or give up what you want to do in that way. IF YOU DON’T HAVE OTHER PEOPLE. I DON’T HARM THAT PESON. YOUR FEELINGS OF EGO – WHAT DO YOU THINK OTHERS MIGHT THINK OF ME – IS TOTALLY SELF CENTERED. TELL YOUSERSELF THAT THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE AND GOVE UP. WHAT A WASTE OF MIND.IF YOU THINK OF ANYTHING YOU WANT TO DO, DO IT WITH YOUR WHOLE BEING THRO YOUR WHOLE BEING INTO IT.

If you have something to do or want to do, please give it a try. Let’s hit with the whole body.

(Next issue will be July 20th issue)

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