Onnetsu: Medical Conferences from the Netherlands to Mexico

Amsterdam. This summer, I presented the keynote speech at the International Conference on Cancer Science & Stem Cell Research, held in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. I was pleased my talk was well received. Here in Amsterdam, we had a very fruitful meeting with doctors who want to utilize my Onnetsu thermotherapy.

My lectures are popular with many international academic societies. As a result, I am invited to speak about two dozen times a year, but this year will speak around the world at only half of these.


Amsterdam is also known as the “Water City.” The town itself is famous for being below sea level. I’ve been there many times in the past, so I didn’t go sightseeing this time. It is also famous as an art town. There are some famous museums, including Rijksmuseum (Rembrandt) and the Van Gogh Museum.

After the conference in Amsterdam, I returned to New York on July 31st and immediately flew to Mexico.  

In Mexico, the “Third World Congress of Dr. Kazuko’s Onnetsu Therapyis planned for October (Oct.24-27) so I went for a press conference.

This October Congress is planned in Aguascalientes located in the middle of Mexico City, a city called Aguascalientes (hot water in Spanish).

Hot Sporing

In Mexico,  the northern part of Mexico has many drugs problem and dangerous.  The southern part is a very poor. But,the central area is very nice, civilized and there are Japanese car companies, factories such as Nissan and Honda in this region, so many Japanese people live there too. More or less affluent people live there.

The Mexican Health Minister, with a focus on this city of Aguascalientes, hopes to raise the country and become the center of a holistic world, So, This time, there will be holistic meetings in various fields. Among them, my Onnetsu Therapy, hyperthermia was chosen as an important holistic therapy.


Therapies along with my Onnetsu Therapy will take up the first day of this world conference held from October 24th to 27th in response to many enthusiastic requests from countries such as Cuba, Peru, and Mexico that I have been promoting so far.

I will leave on October 21 and return to New York on the 25th. Dr. Yasuhiro Shimotsuura, a leading Japanese doctor in O-ring test (holistic, energy diagnosis developed by Prof. Yoshiaki Omura of Columbia University). Dr. Shimotsuura is world famous for holistic treatment of cancer. Mr. Miyashita, the inventor who has developed and patented a new instrument with me, will also attend.


One day perhaps sightseeing in Mexico City and then spending 2-3 days in Aguascalientes. This is a very interesting trip, so why don’t you go with us? Please call us (212) 799-9711 or email kazuko@gaiaholistic.com if you are interested.

Aguascalientes has a lot of hot water springs and had famous SPA, but in order to develop a formal “hot spring,” we need to create a local culture that mirrors Japan but does not look like a Japanese hot spring resort.


There are three characteristics of Aguascalientes, according to the public relations department of the city’s Tourism Bureau:

First, the food is delicious anyway. Famous as the world’s best guava producer, it is a fruit with a very good fragrance and sweetness. Unlike eating guava in the U.S., here it is full of seeds – and I ate a lot. It was completely different, small and lemon color, sour and sweet were together and it was the best.

They make mushroom sauce with this guava, put pork, beef, chicken, sheep, fish, etc. into it, simmer it for a long time, and then eat it with corn or rice. I have never eaten such a delicious food. Mexican food has never been my favorite, but now I love Mexican food like home cooking here.

Second, the people are wonderful. Very caring and kind.

Third, it is a safe and healthy town. Life is rich and the land is beautiful. There is no poverty and prices are inexpensive. Not to mention again that the food is delicious!

I received a souvenir, a symbol of the beautiful Katrina (lady) skeleton doll. In Mexico, there is a tradition similar to the Japanese Bon Festival, where the dead are said to return to the family. It is called “Day of the Dead(Día de Muertos).  This is the traditional concept for over 2500 years since Aztec time. Stay tuned – I will write about that in the next issue!

Katrina Doll

Originally published as Vol. 83 in Weekly Biz, August 16, 2019; translated by Jim Luce.

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