My Memories of the Father of Japanese Yoga (Part A)

New York, N.Y. Masahiro Oki, a pioneer of Japanese yoga

Someone has had a sTONG impact on my life. Masahiro Oki (1921-85) = photograph = is a pioneer of Japanese yoga and is called the father of modern Japanese yoga.

Nowadays yoga has become too fashionable, and it has become an atmosphere that it is yoga to make poses, but in true yoga, poses are around 10%, and how to have a spirit is important.

Mr. Oki was a person who had noticed that FOR THE FIRST TIME, and at the world convention of yoga held in the home of yoga in India, he said that “Indian yoga is dead” and surprised everyone around him. ..

EVEYHTING I LEARNED FORM HIM IS VERY, VERY IMPROTANT. He really knows everything and knows what he listens to … What I learned from this person is still in me. Oki Yoga is a yoga, Yuga, which is based on the traditions of the Nara era in Japan. Based on the practice of thinking and thinking from customs, martial arts BODY TEACHING, various arts, manipulative treatment, natural remedies, etc. It is a special yoga created by Professor Oki.



Mr. Oki WASs a strict person, and he had his own training for a long time. During the war, HE was working as a spy as a special engineer, so I was CAPTURED in Middle East. At that time, the person in the same prison was a great and famous Muslim person, and he learned various things from him and studied.

One day, people trying to rescue him got on a horse and invited him to run with him, so he ran away and then went and visited the Arab countries and trained variously. The teacher’s dojo was the first yoga training dojo in Japan that specialized in training camps.

My younger brother Osamu Tatsumura is now a great yoga teacher in Japan, but when he was a Waseda university, I decided to study physical movements (drama), so I joined Oki as a disciple. inner circle until he died.

became brother is am the director of the NPO Oki Yoga Association.

Akira Tatsumura, another younger brother who was active in Italy as a painter, is a disciple of Mr. Oki and has participated in his training in Italy many times. Now akira’s wife becoming a respectable teacher, she has an Oki yoga class in Milan, Italy to spread her teachings.

Oki sensei was too human to be a human. I was wondering if he was an alien. I thought that he knew everything about human beings. Of course, he knew a wide range of things, such as mental illness, cure of illness, food, nutrition, physical exercise, how to use the body.

He had always been very ill. he had cancer, but I was living a balanced life and never fell asleep in bed. In the United States, saxophonist Sony Rollins was one of Prof. Oki’s disciples who learned to breathe and handle instruments and minds.

I was shocked when he died. HEW WAS CONDUCTING OKI DOJO IN ITALY AND

Emiko, my sister-in-law, was taking care of HIM

while I was camping at the sea in Italy. Three days before he died, when SHE took some tea, the tea in the blue bowl was shining in a very beautiful golden color, so SHE asked Akira Tatsumura, my painter’s younger brother, “Akira, what do you think about this?” Professor Oki called.

So when my younger brother Akira said, “The golden color on the blue background is the color of heaven in Italy,” Professor Oki said, “Oh, THEY CAME TO GET ME FNALLY I’m about to pick you up.” At that time, it was over and the teacher was quietly talking to the pigeon.

Mr. Oki is a person who talkED to birds and animals, and you can see that HE can talk.

After that, when there was a practice method at the seaside of the Adriatic Sea, he said that he should call Akira and another Japanese disciple to watch his swim. And when he started swimming, he put his hand over his younger brother Akira. It’s like not touching, it’s like saying goodbye, and after holding my hand like that, with the light coming out of the sky with a tremendous force, a bar to the offshore like a dragon I was swimming.

Everyone was watching it. After a while, I could see from the beach that the teacher was floating offshore in a recumbent posture, but I thought that I was breathing fish because there were bubbling bubbles around, so I kept it away for a while It seems that the atmosphere was good. SOME SORT OF YOGA POSE

Then, after a while, HE WAS WASHED BACK TO THE BEACH and died. The Italian police said it might be a heart attack, but it was clear to those who were watching that it was obvious that he had swam OUT to die.

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