In NYC, Grace Kelly Opens The Beacon Theater After We Saved It

New York, N.Y. xxx

Originally published as Vol. 9 in Weekly Biz, Month xx, 201_; translated by Jim Luce.

The story of reviving the 9th Beacon Theater Register cultural properties Theater Sixteen years of performance, 200 people per year, staying at the theater, almost stays at the beach boxing theater story, I will continue. I made a funds in a hurry, money gathered thanks to the many donations made by celebrities, I was able to welcome the opening event in a surprisingly short period of time after the false owner disappeared, but even now I remember It’s as slippery as to laugh. At that time I was in my late thirties.

The ceiling is broken and black water runs down and the building is old anyway, the ceiling is torn partly when it happens, black water overflows from above. Its hard cleaning is serious! When Kabuki’s Monkeyosuke came in a beautiful outfit and was rehearsing, just above that point broke and it was dirty and black water was hanging. He laughed away with jokingly, “Wonderful water is also a good man?” He is a wonderful person.

Grace Kelly on stage for the opening

Grace Kelly of Princess Monaco really came to the opening reception. Also bring Prince Albert, then 12 years old. But when the staff notified me that the two of you arrived, they have not finished laying the carpet yet. While I’m approaching behind, spreading my carpet while writing sweat like a waterfall with me and the staff and three people. I came with a beautiful kimono and I’m tightening the band of my parents Tatsumura, so I’m sweating, I will never forget that one (laugh).
Although Kelly did not return to the stage at all after retirement, he only went up to the stage at this time to read the poems. Thanks to her, a lot of people from New York social circle really came this day. Thanks to that, more funds gathered in our funds. It was really appreciated to be able to reopen it, it was serious only for black water falling from above. (Lol)

The first performance was held in Monkeyosuke Kabuki in September and the first performance immediately after that was Monkeyuki Kabuki. There is not enough space in the back of the theater, so please cover some of the props with vinyl in Amsterdam Avenue and arrange them in bars. I managed to police 24 hours of security, but I did well at that place. I think Imanosuke is awesome. This show was a great success. After the performance, if you go out on shopping in Fifth Avenue, it got renowned for being told that “ENNOSUKE – !!!” from the people of the city by the roadside. From this time, Mr. Mononosuke came up and started making make-up at the lobby and showing it to everyone.

Make an office for me to work in the basement. I really stayed there all the time and had been working forever. I almost did not sleep, was it about 2 hours every day? I played around 200 kinds of performances in one year. I did not do it because I do not understand rock and roll alone, but I did almost everything else except it. We rented a contract of 15,000 dollars a month, we could pay at the beginning, but it is getting harder to pay. Then you can send a payment for one week and you will receive an exit recommendation. Every time it arrives I will bring it to the owner’s Henry Moskovitz with a crying face, “I came again.” Then, it hurts me in front of me … …. He was also a wonderful person.

At one point I will think of “making it a cultural heritage” to keep this beacon theater all the time. I thought it would be very good to have a title as a cultural heritage. Once you apply, I will reply that the Cultural Property Protection Committee in New York will consider it. Then, as soon as I applied, one of the mean partners co-owning Moskovitz, sued me and filed a lawsuit. When it becomes a cultural asset, you can not put your hands on the building as you think, so it’s said that the asset value as a building drops. But it eventually became a cultural asset safely. That person was opposed to what I was doing for a long time, but I have passed away. The descendants are very grateful that I have made it a cultural asset and protected. (The next issue will be published January 20)

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