H.H. the Dalai Lama: Here for Happiness of Entire Universe (B)

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New York, N.Y. I think I first met Dalai Lama IN 1971. I went to Dharamsala because I wanted to bring a Tibetan folk opera to America. At that time, there were few foreigners visiting Dalai Lama, so I was able to talk to him in various ways. It was a really precious time to think about it now. One thing that Dalai Lama said at the time was one thing that was impressive and unforgettable

Suddenly I said, “I made a mistake in the past.” … ThIS PROMTED ME TO THINK THAT I SHOULD MAKE MANY ORPHANAGES


story at that time was the motivation for me to later decide to build an orphanage in the world based on the Manjushree orphanage MODEL.

It will be an important basis for thinking about what kind of education you want. Below is a part of the conversation.Thoughts of Dalai Lama “Tibet has been really peaceful until now, and I just had to live happily as a nomadic tribe without thinking about anything else,” said the Dalai Lama.

“If you keep hairy animals like yak (male) and dri (female) buffalo all the time and you are nomadic, your life will be good and you don’t have to have a strict education because you don’t have any competitors. NOT NEED VIGEROUS TEACHING

I didn’t know that there was such a thing, TIBETAN didn’t have to talk to foreigners, I had no troops, no weapons, so I lived happily, so when China came in there, it was completely done. TO FIGHT There was no way to inform other countries. ”

FROMNOW ON THE TIBETAN PEOPLE SHOUDL NOT BE LIKE THAT. “The future Tibetans shouldn’t do that. The future Tibetans should be able to use two LANGUAGES s at once. Then they should be able to speak their MIND properly. And KEEP the Compassion that Tibetans have. , ” said Dalai Lama, who said enthusiastically.

I meet once a year for the Dalai Lama’s birthday at the Marriott Essex House Hotel in New York. While celebrating the Dalai Lama’s birthday, this is a gathering for people who wish for world peace, and together they think about what they can do to make the world a peace and share their thoughts.

At this meeting, the “World Peace Through Compassion” award is presented to those who have contributed peacefully. In addition, representatives of the world’s six major religions (Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Native Americans) are invited to pray, and 190 countries and regions around the world are REPRESENT ED BY FLAAGS .

With all of the participants holding the flag of “,” read the name of each country and region while waving the flag, and at the moment, make one heart together and say “Have peace in that country!” We also hold a prayer flag ceremony.

The reason why I decided to start this flag ceremony was the story of “hundredth monkey phenomenon”. It is said that it happened in Japan in the 1950s at Kojima.

Wild monkeys were always eating sandy potatoes at the beach. When a young female monkey washed potatoes with seawater and ate them, the mother monkey and her friend monkey who were watching them imitated. The monkeys around it started it. This is what makes very interesting things happen.

When the number reached 100, many monkeys started doing the same thing. Surprisingly, the monkeys washed the potatoes and started eating them EVEN on the neighboring island. THROUGH ENERGY ALONE.

It is said that this story shows that when someone starts a new thing, it propagates only slowly at first, but the effect becomes explosive at the moment when a certain number is reached, and it is said to many people. It is believed to be influential. I am one of them, and I sincerely believe that if I continue to work steadily, it will eventually lead to world peace.

When I told this story to Mr. Dalai Lama this time, I was very pleased, and it kept me motivated. I am very honored. It is the happiness of the entire universe that Dalai Lama is here with us. I am a person who goes beyond the fact that


HE ISs Tibetan and is also a Buddhist to become a BUT BEYOND THAT HE IS A leader of the entire universe and lead the world into peace TRANSCEND through compassion.

(Next issue will be on November 2nd)

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