Story of Visiting Manjushree Orphanage Again (B) 

Stupa Under Construction in Himalaya, According to the Oracle

New York, N.Y.  Treatment with hyperthermia

At an orphanage in Manjushree, I had children who had a cold or stomachache, so I treated them with my thermotherapy device.

Dr. Kazuko’s hyperthermia treatment combines the far-infrared wave of TWO VIBRATIONS – heat and sun rays with the terahertz wave from volcanic stones deep in Aso volcano, and slowly puts a patented treatment device START BY WARMING UP THE SPINE on the spine of the body.

After applying it, apply it everywhere and look for unhealthy cells that are cold. The unhealthy cells react and the patient feels a strong heat. That is the place of illness. Apply the treatment device intensively to the place and warm the affected area to perform treatment.

The children were yelling at Achi !!! because they had to get the heat in this way, but they were still laughing and cute. I also treated the smallest four-year-old child. I have taught the teachers how to use hyperthermia and gave them three units MACHINES, so I think it will be very useful for their health.

There are traditionally buffalo-like hairy animals called yaks in the Tibetan Plateau. It seems that the Chinese people have recently eaten it because it is an animal that cannot live unless it is in the highlands, and it has almost disappeared.

So I bought it 100 with an oracle woman and myself and dedicated it to the Dalai Lama. Thanks to that, the milk is so healthy that it has been very healthy for Manjushri children since they started drinking it every day. Butter is also very delicious. And now I’m wondering if I can make cheese.

By the way, next to Manjushri, a big tower is being built, and it is a tower built by a female oracle who serves the Dalai Lama.

The Dalai Lama has two specialist ORACLE who tell us, and they are called by the title “Oracle”. One of them, a female oracle, received a vision one day.

SHe said in a statement, “To make a sacred Buddhist tower” Stupa “(stupa) for world peace,” he said, “In a place like this.” But THE VISION didn’t tell her the name of the place WHERE , so she was always looking for the scenery in that vision, and in the scenery I saw a lot of children, Mr. Lama THUPTEN Puten (When SHE met Manjushuree’s founder and principal, SHE told him that after all SHE knew that the children of Manjushree were visible and SHE would build it right next to this orphanage.

It Is the Oracle’s job is to dance, enter a trance, listen to God’s message, and pass it on to the Dalai Lama. When something happens, I wear a great costume and dance around. While I am dancing, I will transfer SPIRITES  and the announcement will come down ENTER HER. It is an important tradition of Tibetan culture.

There is also an Oracle temple in Dharamsala. This oracle is a beautiful woman, and I think it’s amazing that the spirit transfers and the announcement SPIRITS TAKE OVER HER BODY AND MIND comes down when dancing.

Meaning of the Stupa in the Himalayas

According to the report, SHE learned all about how to build this tower. THIS tower with a shape that is quite different from the one you normally see, and it is an image of a tall tower with a rectangular pillar below and a long and thin pyramid. The pyramid’s triangular raised walls are arranged around it, and it is beautiful with more than 1200 small Buddhas carved on each side. There are three large Buddha statues, private rooms and meditation rooms.

I’m looking forward to building it for about five years and hopefully it will be completed, but there are wonderful Buddhist statues both inside and outside, so it may take some more time because it is very elaborate. But I think it  DEEP MEANING makes a lot of sense to have this peaceful stupa on this Himalayan land. I think it will be the center of world peace.

Originally published as Vol. X in Weekly Biz, January x, 201x; translated by Jim Luce.

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