What Does it Mean to “Eat Correctly”?

New York, N.Y. The act of “EATING” is to obtain “life” from all ingredients of the meal. I would like you to place importance on eating while appreciating the “life” of food. TO EAT WITH A GREAT DEAL OF GRATITUDE FOR THE FOOD. Let’s eat after considering various points about overall health. To be healthy, it is important that your diet is balanced.

In the West, when people say that vegetables are good, everyone eats only vegetables and is totally biased. ONE SIDED Eating only salad with the same ingredients every meal will be an RESULT unbalanced nutrition.

THERE ARE Five colors, five flavors FOR THE five organs Yin Yang balance:

(1) To eat as many kinds of locally-sourced foods as possible.

(2) Balance withFive colors, five flavors TASTES “Goshiki Gomi,”. Please refer to the idea of “five colors, five flavors”, which is explained in Oriental EASTERN TEHROY THERORY philosophy, as it is convenient when choosing ingredients in a well-balanced manner. EACH COLOR OF THE FOOD IS HELPFUL FOR VARIOUS PARTS OF THE BODY FOR EXAMPLE. FOR EXAMPLE, RED IS HEART, WHIT =E IS LUNG, YELLOW IS SPELEED, GREEN IS LIVER, BALCK IS KIDNEY

The idea is to see which part of the body works by looking at the color and taste of the ingredients. The color classification is that red is related to the heart, white is the lungs, yellow is the spleen, green is the liver, and black is the kidneys. Taste classifications are associated with bitterness and heart, spicy and lungs, sweet and spleen, sour and liver, salty IS kidneys.

(3) Consider the balance of Yin and Yang. Eat something that warms you up in winter and something that cools you down in summer. This also changes the way you cook. If you are interested in this class, please contact us as we will hold such a classroom in the future.

(4) Vegetables, proteins, grains, water, fat, five food categories, it is also important that they are all eaten in good PROPER balance.

Have the Whole Nature

(5) Let’s stick to natural food. A Let’s try to obtain and use natural ingredients without adding additives such as chemical seasonings. COMPLETE

(6) Eat whole fresh, seasonal local ingredients.S  There are fresh seasonal ingredients available there. In today’s era, there are many foodstuffs that have been transported by air from afar, but if you eat something right after you pick it up, it will be the most nutritious WITH STORNG LIFE FORCE. This is because the fresh things raised in the land are full of vitality.

(7) Small amount and variety. Let’s use various kinds of ingredients little by little and have little by little. LET’S EAT AS MANY LARGE TYPES OF FOOD IN SMALL PORTIONS

(8) Try to get the whole “whole material”. Did you know which one of the larger potatoes or the smaller whole potatoes nourish you? The answer is a whole small potato. Whole foods give you the full power of the vitality of food. MUCH AS YOU CAN, TRY TO USE A SMALL POTATO NOT PART OF AL LARGE POTATOE

(9) Choose brown rice food. When eating out in New York, you often have the choice between white rice and brown rice. Choose brown rice that is nutritious and well-balanced. The effect of brown rice is wonderful and is said to be a nearly complete food containing all the nutrients our body needs.

(10) Don’t forget to chew well. By chewing a small amount bit by bit with your teeth about 50 to 100 times, the enzymes in saliva become active, hormones are stimulated to burn fat, and the skin becomes beautiful. It’s all good!

Chew about one hundred times with your teeth and swallow after it becomes a paste. By doing this, the burden of digestion on the stomach and intestines will be gentle (simplified). By the time you go to the intestines, you will put it in a form where most of the nutrients are EASLY absorbed.

(11) When we eat such a meal with gratitude every day, we realize that there are countless people to be grateful for before food is in our mouth. Do not make likes and dislikes. Thank you for everything.

Eat Food Every Day with Gratitude

Did you know that you can chew a lot if you don’t put a lot in your mouth? If you put it in your mouth little by little and proceed to eat less, you can not eat too much, so you can prevent overeating. You will be satisfied with about half of the usual times, and you will be full. That’s what happens when you use saliva.

When I was little, I was taught to put chopsticks bit by bit and chew. That’s because you can use a lot of saliva. Eat rice while using the enzyme in saliva and put it in the stomach in that state for the best digestion.

See: Dr. Kazuko Hillyer Tatsumura Column in Japan’s Weekly Biz



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