The Story of Being Illegally Stayed at NY Home

For Two Years, Staying with Strange Japanese Mother & Daughter 

DEC. 21

New York, N.Y. There are various laws in New York that are a bit incredible compared to THE REST OF THE WORLD. Especially about renting and renting a house? There are a number of laws that can surprise you.

One of them is the mysterious law that even if you don’t pay your rent, if you settle in for a certain period (thirty days), the person who lived has the right to stay there. This is a law designed to protect the inhabitants so that the landlord’s side will not drive out innocent inhabitants, but even if you do not pay rent, you will stay there all the time.

The drawback is that the rights are generated. No way, I could never have expected that this would endanger me. I don’t want everyone to have this kind of experience, so I would like to share this story.

One day when I was busy as an international business leader, a Japanese girl and mom who were studying music came to our apartment without introduction. It was a very elegant mother-daughter, but they SAID THEY were in trouble because they couldn’t find a place to live.

Since I just met, I am in trouble, but the Japanese ambassador knows that I can somehow ask, and my daughter persistently asks that she is studying at Julliard. I TOLD THEM  was on a business trip right away at that time, so I didn’t show my passport, and I’m absent.

When I’m working in Japan, staff members call me and the mother and daughter are standing in front of the building WITH ALL OF THERI BELONGINGS, and they repeatedly ask me if I can stay overnight.

The staff said, “I’m in trouble because there is no place to go, and I’m sorry because I’m Japanese, so I’m gonna LEAVE after a few days.” PLEASE PLEASE I’ve said that for a few days.

I was surprised A LITTLE PUZZLED when I returned from a business trip. The mother and daughter are still there. I SAID, “You said that it was only A COUPLE OF days?”, But a bit until the house was found. How about looking for a house?

They say, we are looking for it, but PLEASE LET US STAY. I WAS SO BUSY AND THEN I REALIZED IT WAS 30 DAYS. While the sun was rising, 30 days had passed. Then, from the 31st day, their attitude changed drastically COMPLETELY and they started to TAKE OVER my place.

The attitude suddenly changed from the 31st day and says, “I have the right to STAY here.” “I’ll CALL the police!” I said, “If you want to say, say it to the police.”

At this moment I was done! I REALIZED THEY knew from the beginning! I thought for the first time. The period of “I have the right to live as a resident if I stayed for a certain period of time” was exceeded on that day. The elegant PEOPLE BECAME RUDE AND DANGEROUS attitude has changed, the mother suddenly became terribly domineering, and her daughter is acting together.

I started to get impatient, but it was too late. Pushing me down, I was injured and taken to the hospital.

From here on, my life was literally like hell, even though it was my home. If I were STABBED killed, they would claim their right to live and the house would belong to them. I SPENT AN ENORMOUS AMOUNT OF MONEY TO OAY FOR A FEMALE POLICE OFFICER TO STAY WITH ME

The days of spending a lot of money at home and asking a policewoman to stay in Japan and having her guarded by herself have begun.

MANY MONTHS LATER THE COURT CASE STARTED. The trial has begun, but it is difficult to proceed in an advantageous manner. THEY KEPT POSTPONING, As I and the staff were deceived at the beginning, I returned to an elegant attitude in front of the judge, and I talked to the judge about various lie circumstances, IN FRONT OF THE JUDGE THEY RETURNED TO THEIR ELEGANT WAYS, TOLD ALL SORTS OF LIES, AND KEPT POSTPONING AN POSTPONING. IT TOOK TWO YEARS and I did it easily, so my assertion was difficult to pass.

Two years have passed. It was almost time to conclude, but it’s not going well, and uh, will the days of hell continue! I WAS WORRIED THIS HELL WAS GOING TO LAST FOREVER. Desperately, the door opened and another judge entered the room IN A HURRY with Stasta. The judge glanced at us and then whispered to my judge. Oh, this was the turn of fate. This judge, who just stopped by another business, knew the sins before his mother and daughter!

This mother and daughter used to walk around other people’s homes over and over again, and have lived in New York for over a decade without contracting for a home! It was an experience that I truly learned how living abroad and living without knowing the laws could sometimes be so dangerous. I LEARNED SO MUCH FOR THEM. We hope that your New York life is safe and secure.

See: Dr. Kazuko Hillyer Tatsumura Column in Japan’s Weekly Biz



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