DRAFT: Gov. Thomas Dudley, Third Governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony

Thomas Dudley (October 12, 1576 – July 31, 1653) was a colonial magistrate who served several terms as governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, during which he sometimes clashed with his rival John Winthrop. Dudley was the chief founder of Newtowne, later Cambridge, Massachusetts, and built the town’s first home.


As Governor, Dudley signed the Charter creating Harvard College. Thomas Dudley Gate at Harvard College was named in his honor, as is the non-residential Dudley House. Dudley’s descendants were early governors, ministers, judges, as well as his daughter, Anne Bradstreet, the nation’s first poet.


Thomas Dudley, Third Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony

  1. Thomas Dudley (1576-1653) begat
  2. Samuel Dudley (1608-1683)
  3. Stephen Dudley (1656-1734)
  4. James Dudley (1690-1746)
  5. Samuel Dudley (1720-1797)
  6. Jeremiah Dudley (1753-1838)
  7. Thomas Jefferson Dudley
  8. James Grieves Dudley (1824-1872)
  9. Frances W. Dudley (1865- 1940) begat
  10. Dudley Alleman (1893-1965) begat
  11. Frances Dudley Alleman-Luce (1924-2001) begat
  12. James Jay Dudley Luce (1959-pres.) adopted
  13. Mathew James Luce (2004-pres.)


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