Evan & Friends: Painting the World Brighter One Charity at A Time

New York, N.Y. Evan & Friends: Painting the World Brighter One Charity at a Time was an annual Fundraising through Art event held by The World Heritage Cultural Center (website) and Orphans International Worldwide (OIWW). This year, the event took place on September 22nd at The Fountain House Gallery. Jim Luce, Founder of OIWW, expressed special thanks to sponsors of the event: “We are extremely honored by the leadership of Sattie Persaud, Founder of the World Heritage Cultural Center, and friends at Inspiring Lives and The Piccirillo Group.”

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Artists, sponsors, organizers, volunteers, and special guests of the reception


Board Members of Evan & Friends – a Committee of WHCC by kids for kids 

The reception featured paintings from young, talented artists who are between 1 and 16 years old. Proceeds gained from auction of the paintings went to OIWW to support children in need from around the world in Bihar, India, Piraeus, Greece, Manado, and Indonesia. Evan & Friends fulfilled WHCC’s mission to “create a common ground where any culture in the world can come and celebrate their way of life through the arts & food while making a positive impact through knowledge & charity.”


Art pieces by Evan and Carter


Paintings by Gabby and Leslie


Paintings by Sairus and his friends


Evan & Friends Board Member with Volunteers from OIWW and The J.Luce Foundation


Evan (right) shared with Jim Luce, Founder of OIWW, and Bix Luce, Executive Director of OIWW about his motivation to found Evan & Friends

Evan Persaud was the youngest person to receive the 2017 Junior Leadership Award from The James Jay Dudley Luce Foundation, and also the youngest Junior Young Global Leader of the Foundation.


According to Evan, his aunt, Ms. Sattie Persaud (middle), had the greatest influence on Evan’s dedication to create Evan & Friends 

At the end of the reception, Jim Luce, Founder of OIWW, awarded certifications to the young artists to recognize their commitment to support orphans worldwide.


We would like to make two special announcements for Evan & Friends.

  1. Gabrielle Kende Piccirillo, just 7 years old, has been nominated for the 2018 Youngest Female Junior Global Leadership award from The James Jay Dudley Luce Foundation.

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Gabrielle Kende Piccirillo

  1. We welcome our very first Evan & Friends Ambassador – Alyssa  Nevin Hipsky.


Shellie Hipsky – Founder of Inspiring Lives Magazine with her daughter Alyssa

Chloe Hoang
A recent Honors graduate of The College of Wooster with a major in Communication Studies, Chloe is from Hanoi, Vietnam. She serves as the Executive Director at The J. Luce Foundation, managing leadership training and development programs for Young Global Leaders age 18-24. Recently, Chloe receives a full-tuition fellowship for her Master of International Affairs in International Non-Governmental Organization at Baruch College.

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