Fall for Arts Festival 2017 on Roosevelt Island

N ew York, N.Y. The Festival is organized by the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC). This year, the theme is Relentless Rhythm: City in Motion. “We are looking for fine artists to create works of art that reflect the evolution and movement we see around us on a day-to-day basis” said RIOC’s Jessica Murray.

Participating artists came as early as 8:30AM in the morning to paint 6-by-8-foot murals and 6-by-16 foot murals outdoors during the Festival, which was held on the lawn south of 531 Main St and Southpoint Park. Basic paints and brushes were provided. Artists also receive a free T-shirt from RIOC. The complete murals stay on display on the lawn to greet visitors for several weeks after the event.

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Artists from The J.Luce Foundation and Orphans International Worldwide
Below are some of the amazing artworks that more than 30 participants had dedicated hours to create. The Festival also opened free art workshops, African Dance Class, and Live Music later in the afternoon and evening.
Chloe Hoang
A recent Honors graduate of The College of Wooster with a major in Communication Studies, Chloe is from Hanoi, Vietnam. She serves as the Executive Director at The J. Luce Foundation, managing leadership training and development programs for Young Global Leaders age 18-24. Recently, Chloe receives a full-tuition fellowship for her Master of International Affairs in International Non-Governmental Organization at Baruch College.

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