Luce Foundation Founder Looks to Social Enterprise in Third Decade

New York, N.Y. As we move into our third decade this year with Orphans International Worldwide, the J. Luce Foundation, and the New York Young Global Leaders (Facebook), we continue our emphasis on Raising,  Supporting, and Educating Young Global Leaders. And we will now add Social Enterprise into the mix!

fileJ. Luce Foundation Young Global Leaders at New York State Capital, Albany.

Over the last two decades we have relied on two primary streams of cashflow: gifts from the public and pledges from our own Board of Directors and Global Advisors. The third stream has been gifts to specific endowment funds.

As we enter the next twenty years, we introduce the equivalent of a gift shop to the museum: for-profit social enterprise entities. Plans are currently underway for three separate and specific cashflow streams:

  1. The Luce Foundation Collection of Arts & Antiquities;
  2. “LeadershipWorks” for High-end Electronics (a national thrift shop for laptops, watches, etc.); and
  3. Jim Luce & Associates International Development Consultants (Facebook).

Through Orphans International and our foundation, we have worked over the last twenty years with children in need in Sulawesi, Ache and Bali in Indonesia, as well as in Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Guyana, and India.

2012-01-15-Touching_The_Untouchables_QJim Luce, founder of Orphans International Worldwide, with kids in Bihar, India.

Plans for the future include continued development work in the province of Bihar and Tawang, India (home of the Dalai Lama‘s Manjushree Orphanage), with exploration in Pakistan and Colombia. We will also continue to focus on partnerships with people of goodwill in Japan and Israel.

Over the summer, with help from New York on Tech, supervised by Sunil Herath, chair of our Technology Committee and his son, Luce 24 under 24 Awardee Ramin Herath, we have updated the websites of the foundation, Orphans International, our publication The Stewardship Report on Connecting Goodness.

CEAS_outsideLuce(1)-723x527Henry R. Luce Hall at Yale, tentative site of the foundation’s World Congress V.

In February, we will celebrate our 20th anniversary, travel to Marietta College‘s leadership conference in Ohio for the fifth year, prepare for our Luce Leadership Experience to Israel, and focus on our World Congress V tentatively at Henry Luce Hall on the campus of Yale, October 2020.

In addition to that, we continue to search for the perfect retreat center in Pike County, Pennsylvania – a three hour drive west of Manhattan.

67184832_3488123374546503_2820951918925316096_oFoundation Board Committee Chairs Stephen McArdle and Chloe Hoang.

With our all-volunteer team headed by Chloe Hoang, chair of our Administrative Committee, Stephen McArdle, chair of our Finance Committee, Atty. Wayne Greenwald, chair of our Legal Committee, Nigel Roberts, chair of or Development Committee,and Jess Brendan, chair of out Public Relations Committee, we have a formidable group of professionals working in an almost rent free office, creating an extremely high return on investment (ROI).

With almost one hundred graduates of our Young Global Leadership Initiative over its five year history, as well as our Luce 24 Under 24 Awardees following in the footsteps of our Luce Fellows and Scholars, we continue to spotlight and train individuals wishing to uplift humanity.

67280437_3488131404545700_4264042105539657728_o (1)Luce 24 Under 24 Awardee Kumar Nandanampati of Cornell with the Jim Luce.

With a strong focus on social justice and a dedication to diversity, we are beginning an LGBT leadership track that already includes a support system for LGBT young global leaders throughout the developing world coupled with peer mentors in America, Asia, and Europe.

Given the uncertainty is of local political climates, our work at the Caribbean Maritime University in Jamaica (Facebook) is on hold pending the investigation of a corruption scandal are there unrelated to our work.

Our primary awards — the Luce NGO Award, the Clare Boothe Luce Award for International Service, the Stephen Bleecker Luce Award for Maritime Excellence, and our Orphans International Humanitarian Award — continue to spotlight and support individuals contributing to uplifting humanity

Leadership Logo - 600LeadershipWorks is the new national thrift shop for laptops, watches
and other electronics operated by Orphans International Worldwide.

With approximately 500 Young Global Leaders and adult supporters (Board members, Advisors) in our leadership circle, another 15,000 in the periphery, and over 100,000 all social media worldwide, our impact remains focused on both New York City and the world.

Finally, The Stewardship Report on Connecting Goodness, with over 5,000 articles written by over 200 contributors over ten years, is being updated over the summer.

Thanks to you, as we enter our third decade, we will continue to Raise, Support, and Educate Young Global Leaders!

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