FRAME’s Inaugural Gala Puts Focus on Muscles as Cause of Pain

New York, N.Y. The Foundation for Research and Advocacy for Muscle Pain Education (FRAME) hosted its first benefit at Bryant Park Grill in Manhattan last Thursday. Friends, family, and sponsors joined to support FRAME, whose goal is to change the way the medical community assesses and treats pain. It was an opportunity for clinicians, pain patients, and advocates of FRAME to come together and promote a great cause while learning about its progress. It was a special evening where people in pain were able to find comfort and solace with each other.

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Among the attendees were a number of influencers in the medical community including Dr. Thomas Blanck, past Chairman of Anesthesiology at NYU Langone; Dr. Robert Cancro, past Chairman of Psychiatry at NYU Langone; Dr. Arthur Jenkins, co-director of the Neurosurgical Spine Program at Mt. Sinai; and Dr. Neel Mehta, co-director of the Comprehensive Center for Spine Care at Weill-Cornell Medicine.

Dr. Thomas Blanck, Maggie Blanck, and Sebastian Blanck.
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FRAME held a silent auction with 17 items, including four week-long badges to this year’s PGA championship, a goalie stick signed by Lundqvist of the NY Rangers, artwork by American painter Steven Assael, and signed & personalized Howard Stern books.

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All proceeds went directly to FRAME, whose mission is to perform groundbreaking research on muscle pain in order to push forward education and advocacy. The foundation was created to address the problem that even though muscles are the most common reason for low back and other pain complaints, most doctors tend to overlook where the pain originates. Low back pain is now the number one cause of disability globally. Due to the lack of medical knowledge in soft tissue, false assessments are a commonality and occur on a daily basis, which leads to long, drawn-out, invasive treatments and poor reimbursements. It is FRAME’s primary goal to educate the world on pain, which currently affects 1 in 4 people in the United States.

Steven Mahler and Dr. Norman Marcus. Photo Credit: Donna Trump.

The drive behind the foundation is the innovative work of Dr. Norman Marcus, President and Co-founder of FRAME, who has dedicated his life to treating chronic pain patients, with an emphasis on muscle pain. He currently serves as the Director of Clinical Muscle Pain Research at Weill-Cornell Medicine in the Departments of Anesthesiology and Neurological Surgery. He is a past president of the American Academy of Pain Medicine and is currently on the Board of Directors of the American Board of Pain Medicine. He learned about the importance of muscles from Dr. Hans Kraus, the private physician of President John F. Kennedy, who eliminated the president’s excruciating back pain.

Dr. Marcus discusses the basis and need for FRAME, “Imagine that you or someone you love could easily be helped to decrease or eliminate their pain. 70-85% of back pain is diagnosed as sprains or strains of soft tissue, yet muscles representing 40% of the body’s weight are not studied as a source of pain in medical school or post-graduate training. With the help of those who support FRAME’s mission, we are changing this omission in medical education.”

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In addition to Dr. Marcus, Vice President and Co-founder Dr. Christopher Hayes and Board Members Steven Russell, Managing Director at Morgan Stanley, and Matt Molloy, past professional golfer, were present at the event. Other notable figures included Dr. Brian Pryor, the co-founder and CEO of LiteCure; Dr. Leslie Prichep, pioneer in the field of quantitative electrophysiology; Dr. Herbert Chase, member of the Watson Healthcare Advisory Board; and William Shutzer, Senior Managing Director at Evercore Partners.

Yuji Horimoto, Bob Willette, Michael Casey, Steve Russell, Rich Manno,
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FRAME is currently engaged in a major research initiative stemming from a generous donation by Accenture, which recently completed an extensive literature review to analyze the current information available to better inform and shape FRAME’s pilot studies going forward. With the pain epidemic only growing, more money is being spent, yet more are becoming disabled by their pain. By focusing efforts on muscle pain and getting research underway, FRAME is hoping to create a real paradigm shift in the way the medical community treats pain.

Desiree Lee & Chris Kozlowski. Photo Credit: Donna Trump.

Mandy Garten Hernandez, Interim Executive Director, states:

As a pain patient myself, all I want to do is help others to stop suffering needlessly. It is unfortunate that so many people are suffering in pain because of the lack of knowledge about muscles in the medical community. I want others to have the opportunity to eliminate their pain the way I have, but that cannot happen without research.

FRAME continues to accept donations to further their research. To find more information about FRAME, go to

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