How One Shoe Designer is Turning Heads in Celebrity Gifting Rooms

New York, N.Y. When it comes to high-end fashion-forward shoes, some people may think they have seen it all. But that’s until they take one peek at the new exotic shoe collection created by Cedrick McDonald, a celebrity fashion and footwear designer. He has a new collection of shoes that recently received its own patent for being so unique. His shoes made it into the hands of numerous celebrities at the Golden Globes, and now he aims to introduce his trend-setting high heels during the upcoming June 14, 2018 MTV Movie and TV Awards gifting suites.

Cedrick3064Exotics by Cedrick. Photo credit Dioburto Photography.

“It’s a very exciting thing to see your shoes being adored by celebrities,” explains Cedrick McDonald, owner of Exotics by Cedrick. “I’m thrilled to see what will happen at the MTV awards. The shoes are ready, I just hope they are ready, because they have never seen heels like this before.”

Exotics by Cedrick, whose motto is to Live Life Through your Soles, has a new shoe that is turning heads everywhere. In fact, the design is so unique that it was issued a U.S. patent. The ultra-fashionable high heel collection features snakeskin bottoms that are encrusted in Swarovski crystals, giving every pair of heels a trend-setting look and feel. The collection, which will have three new releases soon, includes such fashionable designs as:

  • Black Rivet Pumps– these leather pumps with rivets turn heads. They have a 5” heel and a 1” platform. The outsole features the signature snakeskin with Swarovski crystals.
  • Donatella Pumps– gives wearers a sleek leather design with a 5” heel. Timeless and beautiful, it offers a single rose stamped on the back, as well as the signature snakeskin outsole with Swarovski crystals.
  • Regal Rachel Pumps– offer pure grace and elegance in a white leather 5” heel. The exclusive leather snakeskin outsole that is encrusted with Swarovski crystals makes a statement.
  • Majesty Mesh Sandals– considered the perfect heel to go with a pencil skirt, it offers a 4.5” heel, high quality leather, and a leather snakeskin outsole encrusted in Swarovski crystals.
  • Sarae Boots– featuring one of the most fashionable heels ever designed, this leather boot has a 5.5” heel, with a snakeskin sole that is encrusted with Swarovski crystals.

“Once those into fashion lay their eyes on these shoes it’s hard for them to turn away,” added McDonald. “They make a statement and turn heads. I’m looking forward to seeing these shoes on some of my favorite celebrities. I’m going to help them live life through their soles!”

McDonald is a serial entrepreneur who owns several businesses in addition to Exotics by Cedrick. From the Tampa area, he aims to help set the trends in the high fashion world. To create his shoes he starts with a hand sketch, usually in the middle of the night, and then creates the rendered design on CAD. He is motivated to create his designs because of the boost in confidence that he sees people have when they are wearing a killer pair of heels.

In addition to being committed to bringing fashion-forward designs to the A-list members and fashionistas alike, he also puts his money where his passion lies. He is dedicated to donating a portion of the proceeds from the sale of his shoes to help fight AIDS, by giving to the AIDS Foundation. To learn more about Exotics by Cedrick or to see the current shoe collection, visit the site at:

Exotics by Cedrick - photo credit Dioburto Photography

Exotics by Cedrick – photo credit Dioburto Photography.

Exotics by Cedrick

Exotics by Cedrick.

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