From Jakarta: Why I Want To Be a Luce Young Global Leader

Jakarta, Indonesia. “Youth.” I think this group is often left aside in terms of leadership. The common perception is that a great leader requires age and experience, which I completely agree with. However, youth may offer other impactful thoughts and aspirations, as we are able to inspire other youth – and challenge the issues in our current society. As a part of youth globally, let me state that there is a need for young people all over the world to take a hand in global leadership. This includes, of course, me.


What can we see from youth nowadays, you ask? For one, I think the role of young people is important -starting from the household, locally, and globally. It gives everything balance, but at the same time opens up a whole new perspective, new ways of thinking, and also ideas.


For example, in my home country, Indonesia, youth become very important in regards to lighting the spirit of our national integrity, shaping the goals and mindsets for generations to come — for we are still a developing nation — striving to become a country capable of solving international issues.


Moving on, with the circle of youth around the world taking part in global leadership, I think we may be able to influence the decisions made in our current society involving world peace, education, health, and other vital areas. But I think the first step is really to start involving the youth in global leadership – now.

Personally, I have several reasons that motivate me in the role of youth leadership. First off, since I was small, my parents thought me to be a good person with good morals. They wanted me to share and to spread peace to other people and I feel that how my parents raised me really influenced the way I am now.


Moreover, my dad was a big inspiration. His work in the field of peacekeeping with the United Nations and the Indonesian Armed Forces Peacekeeping Center made me particularly interested in the topic of international issues since I was really young.


Combined with my experience living in another country such as the United States and having to adapt and understand the different cultures and lifestyles, I have become more aware of how important the role of the youth can be. Because of this, I want to become one of the individuals that would lead a part of youth bringing positive change around the world. I want to be a Luce Foundation Young Global Leader.


Alfa George
Alfa George is a high school student in Jakarta, Indonesia. He has been appointed J. Luce Foundation Young Global Leader 2019. "As a youth representative, I wish to bring a positive impact around the world to education, social improvement, and international issues involving equality. having lived in three countries -- Indonesia, Australia, and the U.S. -- I have been exposed to a diverse spectrum of cultures allowing me to learn how to adapt. This opportunity has given me new ways of thinking and perceiving the world around me." Alfa attended a United Nations medal parade in NYC that honored his father and his colleagues for their service in the U.N., which was held in the U.N. General Assembly. Alfa graduated middle school from JHS 157 in Queens, New York and obtained gold honor-roll for the whole year, graduated with the Senator Toby Ann Stavisky Certificate of Achievement award. He spent his freshman year of high school in Edison, N.J. His achievements include Men’s Varsity Golf, representing his school golf team for state sectionals, and performed in the school Jazz Band. Today in Indonesia he is active in his local church. One of his biggest aspirations is to have a good college education. For Indonesia my dream college is the University of Indonesia (UI) but as far as his dream college in the world goes, it would be Stanford University. He is interested in international relations and has a high curiosity and admiration to things such as international assemblies and peace resolutions. He finds such topics relevant to the world and feels he could learn a lot about leadership roles from these topics. He writes, "I aspire to one day become a global leader and/or influencer. With that in mind I hope to learn more about the role of leadership and also the values of a good leader and how they become an influence to people."

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