GetVokl Offers Live Virtual Matchmaking to Help Singles Get Through the Pandemic

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are over 110 million adults who are single in the country. Millions of them found out how difficult dating and finding a match is during the pandemic. With typical hot spots closed where singles may meet, many have been left wondering how to find their match. GetVokl is helping to bridge that gap by offering a content block for virtual interactive dating podcasts, called the Connection Zone. One podcast in particular, Love Rants: Meet Your Match, is growing in popularity due to so many singles being stuck at home. Singles can tune in and have live virtual access to matchmaking, as well as be able to discuss relationships.

“Being able to tune in live and engage in matchmaking and relationship discussions is a great way to move things forward, despite the pandemic,” explains Alexander Riesenkampff, the chief executive officer of GetVokl, a livestreaming platform. “Our content block offers the dating scene a whole new way to meet people, and it’s helping to make matches every week.”

The Connection Zone goes live on GetVokl every Wednesday evening. The podcast block includes live shows about love, relationships, and sexuality. Some of the livestream shows in that virtual content block include American Sex Live with Sunny Megatron, and Not the Worst Marriage Podcast with Sara and Sterling Buckley, among others.

One of the most popular interactive podcasts in the Connection Zone, Love Rants: Meet Your Match, focuses on virtual matchmaking for Black singles. This is a demographic that research shows has a high rate of single people, so the podcast hopes to narrow that gap. The experienced creator, Stacii Jae, who is an author, well known dating/relationship expert and matchmaker, women’s empowerment advocate and the go-to girl for all things single, has created a way to help match people in a virtual setting. Singles fill out the short matching form, and then the Matching Machine uses her methods to help find the absolute best matches. She reviews every match that is created to ensure it’s the best possible fit, and then she uses that information to help make connections on her show.

The weekly event allows singles to go on a series of 5-minute virtual dates while being livestreamed. It’s like speed dating but you have Stacii Jae by your side in case you need the help. Each episode features a different celebrity guest who also helps with the matching process.

“Over the past seven years, my mission has been helping Black single people connect by giving them the tools to cultivate healthy romantic relationships. With the global impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s more crucial than ever to be intentional with my mission,” says Stacii Jae, creator of the Love Rants: Meet Your Match interactive podcast and dating relationship expert, and coach. “Single people are at home alone with limited ability to go out on dates and socialize with potential relationship candidates. As a professional in the love business, it was important for me to figure out a way to do my part in connecting great singles to potentially find love while embracing the #AloneTogether concept.”

Additional content blocks offer livestream videos that focus on True Crime, SoulSunday, and Fandom Friday. To access the Connection Zone, visit the site at:

GetVokl is an app that allows people to livestream across multiple platforms at one time. It’s free to use and ideal for podcasters, coaches, teachers, bloggers, reporters, or others who want their livestream to reach people on multiple platforms. It’s quick to set up and easy to use, requiring only minimal technical knowledge. GetVokl also features VCoin, which helps podcasters earn more money by letting people give tips or donations as the livestreaming takes place. To learn more about GetVokl or to download the app, visit the site: learn more about how VCoin works, watch the video:

Stacii Jae, creator of the Love Rants: Meet Your Match interactive podcast and dating relationship expert, and coach

Stacii Jae, creator of the Love Rants: Meet Your Match interactive podcast and dating relationship expert, and coach


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