Global Advisor Gives Seminar on Financial Literacy in NYC

New York, N.Y. Last Wednesday, May 23rd, another successful global advisor seminar was held at Amalgamated Bank Roosevelt Island branch for young global leaders of The James Jay Dudley Luce Foundation (Website/Facebook). Ms. Bibi Ali, V.P. of Amalgamated Bank, was the guest speaker of the event.


The J. Luce Foundation’s Executive Staff and Young Global Leaders from Colombia, Sierre Leone, Vietnam, Venezuela, and Thailand attended Ms. Bibi Ali’s seminar on financial literacy.

Bibi is a Sr. Global Advisor of The J. Luce Foundation who has over twelve years of experience in the financial sector. Prior to her current position at Amalgamated Bank, Bibi served as the branch manager of Citibank and Bank of America. In addition to a seminar for the foundation’s young global leaders, Bibi also hosts weekly financial education workshops at Amalgamated Bank to cover topics including mortgage—the basics of buying a home.


During the seminar, Bibi explained to our young global leaders the benefits of having a good credit score, and suggested several sites that they can visit to check their score as well as personal information associated with their credit account. Bibi also informed the young global leaders about the importance of completing the monthly minimum payments on time, and how one late payment could affect your credit score negatively for seven years.


The seminar also addressed information regarding student loans, debit cards, credit cards for internal students, as well as the differences between personal versus business credit accounts. The young global leaders found the seminar greatly helpful because they could ask Bibi directly any questions they might have about the aforementioned topics. Our host also introduced to the young global leaders possible internship & full-time employment opportunities with Amalgamated Bank.

Amalgamated Bank is the largest union-owned bank in the U.S. with a strong mission to support social responsibility and sustainable development. Amalgamated advocates for divestment from fossil fuels to preserve the environment and is also the very first bank to act upon the “Fight For 15” to raise the minimum wages of all employees to $15/hour.

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Chloe Hoang
A recent Honors graduate of The College of Wooster with a major in Communication Studies, Chloe is from Hanoi, Vietnam. She serves as the Executive Director at The J. Luce Foundation, managing leadership training and development programs for Young Global Leaders age 18-24. Recently, Chloe receives a full-tuition fellowship for her Master of International Affairs in International Non-Governmental Organization at Baruch College.

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