Global Advisor Gives Seminar on Wellness and World Citizenship

New York, N.Y. As part of our Global Advisor Seminar Series, Dr. Alex Eingorn hosted a seminar for The J. Luce Foundation‘s Young Global Leaders on the importance of personal well-being and its connection to global wellness. The seminar started with an introduction of Dr. Eingorn and his work as a doctor of chiropractic.

Then, Young Global Leaders Adrian Strasser, Franchesca Salas, and Aldi Hartono introduced themselves and shared their perspectives on the importance of wellness. Jim Luce, Founder & CEO of the J. Luce Foundation, also joined the Young Global Leaders in the seminar.


Dr. Alex Eingorn received Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) Degree in 1986 from New York Chiropractic College

Before going into his presentation about wellness and world citizenship, Dr. Eingorn asked the Young Global Leaders about their definition of health. To Adrian, health refers to a person’s physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. “Health is also a question of choice,” said Dr. Eingorn. He challenged the Young Global Leaders to be critical about choices of food and drink that we absorb into our bodies everyday and how those choices impact our personal wellness.


Young Global Leaders gathered at Dr. Eingorn’s office for a seminar on Wellness and World Citizenship

While many of us recognize the importance of health, we often neglect to take care of our health on a daily basis. Dr. Eingorn encouraged the Young Global Leaders to incorporate activities including physical exercises, meditation, yoga, or dancing into their daily lives in order to improve blood circulation, muscle strength, and flexibility of their body joints. In addition to physical well-being, our psychological and emotional well-being are no less important. The seminar continued with a discussion on stress and anxiety management.


During the seminar, Dr. Eingorn also shared different perspectives on wellness across cultures, one of which is the Buddhist concept of Mindfulness. The concept motivates practitioners to be aware of what they are experiencing via their senses, as well as of their state of minds via thoughts and emotions. Mindfulness allows people to be present to themselves and stay connected to their own body and mind. This awareness nurtures the appreciation of life and brings about happiness.


From left to right: Aldi Hartono, Mathew Luce, Bix Luce, Jim Luce, Dr. Alex Eingorn, Franchesca Salas, and Adrian Strasser

“Changes do not come from outside, they come from within,” said Dr. Eingorn. Speaking to the Young Global Leaders, Dr. Alex Eingorn emphasized their responsibility to take care of their personal well-being and to lead others in building global wellness. Proactively seeking out for knowledge and keeping a critical eye on whatever is presented to you are Dr. Eingorn’s advice on the very first step Young Global Leaders can take to create changes.


The J. Luce Foundation and our Young Global Leaders would like to thank Dr. Eingorn for an insightful seminar. We look forward to having Dr. Eingorn in future events for our Young Global Leaders.

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Chloe Hoang
A recent Honors graduate of The College of Wooster with a major in Communication Studies, Chloe is from Hanoi, Vietnam. She serves as the Executive Director at The J. Luce Foundation, managing leadership training and development programs for Young Global Leaders age 18-24. Recently, Chloe receives a full-tuition fellowship for her Master of International Affairs in International Non-Governmental Organization at Baruch College.

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