Guardians of Rescue, Alongside Union County Sheriff’s Office, Rescued 70 Animals from a Florida “Foster Home” Involving a Tri-State Licensed Animal Rescue

Photo courtesy of Guardians of Rescue

Photo courtesy of Guardians of Rescue

At the request of the Union County Sheriff’s Office, Guardians of Rescue, Inc removed animals from a “rescue turned hoarder” property involving over 70 animals in Lake Butler, FL. More than 30 of these animals were owned by Dragon Paws Rescue, a rescue licensed by the Georgia Department of Agriculture that operates as an animal rescue in Georgia, Florida, and Virginia.

On February 4th, 2020, investigators with the Union County Sheriff’s Department, Union County Animal Control, and Guardian’s team members executed a search and seizure warrant on the property and found animals suffering from multiple untreated medical conditions, some exhibiting severe signs of neglect, housed in grossly unsanitary conditions. In addition to the removal of the animals from the property, Guardians of Rescue assisted with evidence collection, forensics exams, exhumation of remains, and urgent medical care for the most critical cases.  Animals healthy enough for transport were immediately placed with receiving rescue partners.

“This is a most egregious case, where animals entrusted to so-called rescuers were confined in unsanitary wire cages, stacked upon one another, living in their own excrement. Untreated medical conditions lead to infection, loss of limbs, and horrendous suffering,” said Lea Moore, Georgia State Director of Operations for Guardians of Rescue. “We greatly appreciate the motivation and immense dedication demonstrated by the Union County Sheriff’s Department, investigators, and animal control staff to protect these animals and bring to justice those responsible for this house of horrors.”

This is an active investigation and animal cruelty charges are being pursued based on the evidence collected by the Union County Sheriff Department and Guardians of Rescue. The rescue license for Dragon Paws has subsequently been suspended by the Georgia Department of Agriculture. Anyone with information on Dragon Paws Rescue or the animals from this property is encouraged to contact Guardians of Rescue or the Union County Sheriff Department.

Animal welfare organizations who provided volunteers to assist the Guardians of Rescue with this case are the following: Fixing the Boro – Statesboro, GA; Southern Edge K9 – Statesboro, GA; Sixth Street Vet – Macclenny, FL; Last Chance Rescue – Manchester, GA; Gateway Animal Hospital -Statesboro, GA; The London Sanctuary -Glen Saint Mary, FL.

Receiving rescue partners: Fixing the Boro – Statesboro, GA; Big Dog Ranch Rescue – Loxahatchee, GA; Last Chance Rescue, Inc – Manchester, GA; Nassau Humane Society – Fernandina Beach, FL; Gulf Coast Humane Society -Fort Myers, FL; Castaways Pet Rescue – Darien, GA; Canine Pet Rescue – Dacula, GA; Renegade Paws Rescue – Savannah, GA; BarkVille Dog Rescue – Jasper, GA; Florida Urgent Rescue – Jacksonville, FL; Friends of the Forlorn Pitbull Rescue – Dallas, GA.

Guardians of Rescue will provide continued support to the Union County Sheriff’s Department as they seek justice for these animals and work to ensure that animal welfare remains a priority in their community. Together, we save them.

Guardians of Rescue provides assistance to animals out on the streets and investigates animal cruelty cases. They are located in New York and they help animals in many places around the country. They are also instrumental in helping military members with their pets. To learn more about Guardians of Rescue or to get involved, go to

Photo courtesy of Guardians of Rescue

Photo courtesy of Guardians of Rescue

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