Guardians of Rescue Creates An Insider Group for Animal Advocates


Social Media users are used to being asked to sign petitions or write letters to get justice for various causes. Those who care about animals are no exception, and the internet has become a major force in communicating issues concerning animals, including direct rescues and demands for justice in court cases involving animal abuse.

Guardians of Rescue, a 501c3 organization founded in 2011, is devoted to helping and improving the well-being of animals.  In 2017, Guardians was the subject of a series on Animal Planet. They have mounted rescue efforts in disaster areas, gotten numerous “outside” dogs in out of the cold, provided shelter for community cats, and even pulled animals from danger in other countries. Guardians has become the national organization to call when all else has failed, intervening in cases no one else has been able to resolve. A recent dramatic example occurred when Guardians spearheaded the rescue of hundreds of German Shepherd dogs from a hoarding situation in rural Georgia. This problem had persisted for six years, despite the concerted efforts of the entire community and investigations by multiple agencies and organizations. After Guardians was called in, within three weeks the dogs were all relinquished, provided medical care and in the hands of qualified rescue organizations being prepared for adoption.

Followers of Guardians are now excited about a new insiders team which will put members closer to the center of investigations and other campaigns designed to help animals.

“I know that when I make a personal pledge to be a part of something like this, Guardians and the animals they help are counting on me, and I won’t let them down,” says Steve Rolland, an animal lover who follows Guardians Facebook page. “There is strength in numbers, so I hope that thousands more like myself will sign up.”

Members of the G-TEAM will be the online “first in the door” when called to action. Now, rather than simply make general appeals for participation in activism, there is a highly-focused effort, inviting only the most serious and committed animal-lovers to exert combined influence to help persuade and guide decision-makers to make the most effective decisions to support and defend animals.

Animal defenders who sign up for the G-TEAM will receive requests to join targeted appeals to strategic elected officials, law enforcement and other influencers, to maximize the protection of, and advances for, animals. They will show massive support for actions which benefit animals, and massive opposition to the one’s which could be harmful.

“While we welcome all to participate in our campaigns, we need those who are dedicated and want to commit to being there when the animals need them the most,” says Robert Misseri, co-founder and president of Guardians of Rescue. “The G-TEAM is a way to unify the strongest advocates who follow our work, and to bring them in closer to the action.”

When large numbers of people are needed to support animal-related cases, the G-TEAM members will be called upon to add their voices to the cause.

To learn more about Guardians of Rescue or to sign up for the G-Team please visit or

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