Guardians of Rescue Seeks Public Support to Help Shut Down China’s Live Animal Trade Market

As the world watches the path that the new coronavirus is taking, we all wonder what can be done to avoid such possible pandemics in the future. One group, Guardians of Rescue, is working to help raise awareness about the dangers of China’s live animal market, and bring them to a permanent close. They have started an online petition, giving people around the world an opportunity to weigh in with their concerns and cast their vote to bring these risky markets to a close.

“These wild animal markets are dangerous. Not just for the residents of China, but for the whole world,” explains Robert Misseri, president of Guardians of Rescue, an animal rescue organization. “They are breeding grounds for viruses like the latest one, which can potentially wreak havoc on the world. We all need to work together to bring them to an end.”

The live animal trade markets, also called wet markets, are popular in China. At the markets, live animals are sold next to meat in a market. The live animals at these markets include bats, snakes, civets, and more. People can visit the market and purchase live animals, many of which include wildlife species. These animals can be carriers for zoonotic coronaviruses, which can spread to humans.

The latest outbreak of the coronavirus that has killed over 132 people and infected thousands around the world, is believed to have come from a seafood market at a wet market in Wuhang, China, according to news reports. In response to the outbreak, the government in China has placed a temporary ban on the sale of wild animals. Guardians of Rescue, however, feels the temporary ban is not going far enough to protect people around the world.

“These markets are filthy and unregulated, which poses a health threat to the world. Plus, their practices, often of people eating animals while still alive, are barbaric and cruel,” added Misseri. “It’s time the world come together to let China know that markets like this should not exist. Their time has passed, for the sake of the animals, and for human health around the globe.”

Those who would like to join in the fight to close down the live animal meat markets in China can voice their opinion and sign the petition online at:

Guardians of Rescue provides assistance to animals out on the streets and investigates animal cruelty cases. They are located in New York and they help animals in many places around the country. They are also instrumental in helping military members with their pets. To learn more, get involved, or to make a donation to support the Guardians of Rescue, log onto


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