Haiti YMCA National Office & Youth Center Open in Port-au-Prince

Port-au-Prince, Haiti. More than 200 people attended the inauguration ceremony this week, among them local and national board members led by our Board Chair Fritz Jean and myself as General Secretary.


The attendance was pleased to sit with Cassandra Saint-Vil, PHD, from West Side YMCA and International YMCA world Service, Ezeckiel Mohira from Dominican Republic YMCA and LACA, Jean Chevalier Sanon from Special Olympics, our new partner and Frédéric Boisrond from Solutions Feedback Actif who was honoured on this magnificent occasion for helping restructuring YMCA d’Haiti 10 years ago in 2000.


After the hoisting of Haiti flag and YMCA d’Haiti flags accompanying with Haiti YMCA Youth singing in joy both our national anthem and Haiti YMCA theme song, father Vladimir celebrated the mass and blessed the building.


Eight months after YMCA d’Haiti is the only organization in Haiti that rebuilds a totally green facility with Para-seismic and hurricane proof materials!


On that occasion and in view of the degradation of human dignity provoked by the attitude of so many organizations that are wasting resources in building inappropriately and in “making the people feels comfortable under the tents,” YMCA d’Haiti took a stand and invited all involved to do a better use of the resources.


This opportunity was also used to show our accomplishments as a world movement as well as a community movement. The documents distributed advertise the program and activities offered while the nine children freshly came out from New York Camp Bernie paraded proudly wearing YMCA d’Haiti T-shirts.


Food, drink and good conversation ended a joyful day and opened a new 10-year phase for YMCA d’Haiti development.   Our theme: “The start of a New Beginning for Youth within Haiti YMCA.”

Because of your generosity and support Haiti YMCA is alive again and will soon resume all activities to its members in the community. Special thanks are extended to you all organizations and people that make this possible, especially: The World Alliance of YMCAs and LACA, HSRG people and organization members, Y-USA World Service, Dominican Republic YMCA, Ridgewood YMCA, Japan YMCA, Wells Mountain Foundation, Solutions Feedback Actif, First Class Language School, HOMEFRONT panelized construction systems and National Urban Fellows. Our volunteers, friends and staff efforts are also greatly appreciated.

Publisher’s note: Gwénaël  Apollon is General Secretary of the YMCA d’Haiti and a friend for more than ten years.

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