Haitian Diaspora Nominations Opens for U.S.

By Rosemonde Pierre-Louis.

New York, N.Y.  The Haitian Roundtable (HRT) joined with The Haitian Times, Kompa Guide and Creole TV-NYC and  Radio Soleil today to announce the launch of the nominations process for the first-ever “1804 List,” highlighting the achievements of Changemakers from the Haitian Diaspora in the U.S.  The list will recognize 25 thought leaders, trailblazers and unsung heroes for their outstanding contributions, and for breaking barriers that promote a better understanding of Haiti and the Haitian community. The award is named in honor of the year of Haiti’s Independence. Nominations will be accepted through July 20, 2012 and contact HRT via e-mail to obtain a nomination form.

Guests of The Haitian Roundtable at a recent symposium in Manhattan.

The Haitian Roundtable, founded in New York in 2008, is a 501(c) 3 organization comprised of Haitian-American professionals who are committed to civic engagement as well as philanthropic endeavors benefiting Haiti, Haitian organizations and causes. Some noted members include NYC African Burial Ground Memorial architect Rodney Leon, journalist and former editor of The Root.com Joel Dreyfuss, TV personalities and cable news commentators Midwin Charles and Dr. Jeffrey Gardere, media and entertainment CEO Mona Scott-Young, Nassau County Legislator Carrie Solages, Manhattan Deputy Borough President Rosemonde Pierre-Louis and State Committeewoman and District Leader Rodneyse Bichotte.

HRT Vice-Chair Reginald Canal stated: “For decades, the Haitian Diaspora has been making their mark in a variety of sectors in the United States. Whether grassroots, community-based or high profile, the success of these changemakers is a badge of honor for our community. We recognize and celebrate their achievements with pride. Our goal in establishing an annual 1804 List is to heighten awareness locally and nationally of Haitians as an important and relevant constituency here in the United States.”

Johnny Celestin addressing guests of The Haitian Roundtable in New York City. Photo: HRT.

Haitian Times Executive Editor Manolia Charlotin stated: “This is a significant opportunity to present some of the most remarkable members of our community, in a coordinated effort, to a broad audience. It’s important for us to bear witness to the strides we have made as a community, as we celebrate individual accomplishments of leading figures who helped pave the way.”

Kompa Guide and Creole TV-NYC Executive Producer Gina Faustin stated: “It is imperative to showcase the high achievers of our community in order to set a positive example for our youth and future leaders.”

Radio Soleil Radio Personality and Journalist Ricot Dupuy stated: “This is a significant initiative which is in keeping with the fundamental mission of Radio Soleil and I am proud to support it.

Rosemond Pierre-Louis addressing the Haitian Roundtable (HRT) in New York.

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