Healthy Foods to Eat this Summer


Photo courtesy of Dr. Robert Posner.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Robert Posner.

The average grocery store has nearly 40,000 items on its shelves. Millions of people have a goal of eating healthy each year, but they often miss the mark. At times they are lured toward unhealthy foods that they see in the aisles, while at other times shoppers are just not sure what a healthy food is. People have become overwhelmed with the number of choices they have, when keeping it simple may just be the answer. One doctor wants to ensure that people know the top foods to look for this summer so they look and feel great.

“We are always tempted by so many different foods when we go shopping,” explains Dr. Robert “Bob” Posner, a world- renowned medical doctor who founded the Serotonin-Plus Weight Loss Program. “The ads we see and the foods on display can sabotage our dieting efforts, and can make it more difficult to live a healthy lifestyle. It’s important to be proactive in trying to make healthy choices.”

Those who would like to eat healthy this summer but find that it’s difficult to make it through the store without coming home with unintended junk food may want to look for other options. Today, there are grocery services that will allow you to place your order online or through an app, and then all you have to do is pull up to the store to pick up your items. Some stores even offer curbside service. This will help shoppers not become distracted or tempted to stray from their healthy eating plan.

Some of the healthiest foods that people should be aiming to have in their diet this summer include:

  • Healthy protein options. It’s important to ensure that you eat healthy protein throughout the day. This will help keep you from becoming hungry and will keep your metabolism working more efficiently. Opt for things like fish, chicken, eggs, and tofu.
  • Fruit is a good thing. There are some fruits that pack a powerful punch when it comes to nutrition but don’t add a bunch of calories to your diet. Summer is a great time to load up on the watermelon, which is around 92% water to begin with.
  • Stick with healthy carbs. People can have issues with craving carbs, and the problem is that they reach for the wrong ones. If you eat healthy carbs, you will feel satiated and won’t keep reaching for more. Good carbs to add to your diet this summer include pumpkin seeds, leafy greens, kale, avocado, and broccoli.
  • Watch your drinks. Avoid loading up on sugary beverages that will not help your waistline. Opt for tea, water, and other non-sugary drinks. Opt for non-alcoholic drinks to keep you feeling healthier.
  • Think beyond the food. While putting all the healthy food in the basket is good, it’s also wise to keep serotonin in check. Serotonin, a neurochemical in the brain and intestines, affects weight loss and management. Taking a serotonin supplement, such as SeroFit, will help to keep serotonin levels balanced, so that people don’t crave sweets and carbohydrates.

“It’s unfortunate that people have not been given the information they need to make healthy living choices,” adds Posner. “With my weight loss program and supplements, I have made it my mission to change that. My program has already helped over 24,000 people lose weight, which has been life changing.”

Many healthy summer recipes can be found on Dr. Posner’s blog at Some of the recipes in the collection include fresh zucchini soup, grilled garlic and ginger sea bass, homemade tomato sauce, roasted rainbow chard and salmon, roasted zucchini side dish, bacon-wrapped filet mignon, eggs Benedict bake, and boiled asparagus and poached eggs.

Dr. Posner’s SeroFit program helps people manage their weight, curb carbohydrate cravings, and boost mood. His program focuses on carbohydrate cravings being the reason people have weight problems, combined with anxiety and stress-related eating. They are all systems of physiological irregularity in the brain known as serotonin imbalance. He created the program based on this science, providing patients with a Food and Drug Administration-approved appetite suppressant, called phentermine, to help curb the hunger pangs.

With decades of medical experience under his belt, along with his free webinars, Dr. Posner offers telemedicine appointments, weight loss products, and more. He founded the Potomac Internal Medicine Associates primary care office in 1988 and Serotonin-Plus Inc. in 2002. He has helped thousands of people to successfully lose weight, and is the author of three weight loss-themed books. To learn more about him and the program, visit the site at:

Or, visit the website: or


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