Healthy Ways to Gain Weight for Ectomorphs

N ew York, N.Y. Typically, weight gain isn’t a concern for most people as weight loss would be, however, raising awareness to all body types is necessary for a society that thrives on good health. Sustaining a healthy diet is the foundation to a happy and enriched life. You’ll notice improvements in family/friend relations, productivity, and other areas of your life as well. With that being said, I want to clarify very briefly what gaining healthy weight DOES NOT look like. Eating anything and everything in sight and then spending the rest of your day on the couch in front of your television watching Netflix. This is the best way to gain excess fat and that is not our goal. Obesity is already an issue in our country, why add to it? The goal is to put on muscle mass and have healthy calorie dense foods fill up your body if you are an ectomorph or a “hard-gainer.”

For generations skinny guys have complained that their “genes” are the reasons to why they cannot gain weight when in reality everyone has a way to gain good weight. Very simply put you have to be comfortable in being uncomfortable when feeding your body the nutrients it deserves. You want to consume more calories than you expend. If you find yourself not consuming enough calories, you can always add a weight gainer to your diet. Proper supplementation is also a very good suggestion as there are multiple tools to help you in your journey to healthy weight gain.

The kitchen will definitely be a significant setting on your journey, however, the most important setting would have to be your bed. A common excuse to not living healthily for some people is that they’re “just too busy.” But what can be more important than your well-being? I’ll wait. Nothing. Your bed is the most important setting because you need to get rest in order to grow your body. Your muscles grow when you sleep not when you eat. Furthermore, for those of you that don’t even exercise, the cycle for healthy weight gain won’t even be open to you! Living a healthy life is a commitment but I guarantee you once you start you will never want to go back.




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Shuvashis Sharma is a Bengali, American residing in Queens, New York. He is studying computer science at Queens College and loves to play basketball and soccer. Growing up in Queens, he has learned to accept and admire people from all different cultures and people coming from all walks of life.