Help the Underprivileged Children of Gyan Jyoti School in Bihar India

Bihar, India. We would like to thank everyone who gave support to the Gyan Jyoti School and Orphan Care in Bodhgaya, Bihar India through the J. Luce Foundation and Orphans International Worldwide. With your contribution, the school is able to continue to operate and provide nutritious meals  for the students.

The Gyan Jyoti School/Orphan Care facility is in a rural area in Bodhgaya, Bihar, which is considered a poor state in India. The Gyan Jyoti Rural Development Welfare Trust wants to educate and help poor children to have a better future.

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 img_8418The Gyan Jyoti School and Orphan Facility in Bodhgaya, Bihar.
The Children of Gyan Jyoti School are seen here participating in a morning assembly.
Photo: Ranjan Kumar.


img_8423Puri (Fried Indian Bread) being served to the students of Gyan Jyoti School.
Ranjan Kumar.

img_8421A young student receives a prize. Photo: Ranjan Kumar,

PriyaRanjan Kumar, the founder of Gyan Jyoti Rural Development Welfare Trust, and his team have been helping underprivileged children to have access to basic education and providing them the opportunity to further their education in a public school. The local villagers and Ranjan’s friends often volunteer at the school. They want the children to have a good education and hopes the orphan facility will open new doors for other children in need.

img_8419Students participate in morning Assembly. Photo: Ranjan Kumar.

Most of the over 150 students are from very poor areas and considered Dalits (The Untouchables Caste). Some of the children are orphans who were seen begging in front of the Mahabodhi Temple, which is a popular site for tourists in the area. Since 2006, the number of children joining the school has been increasing, therefore the Gyan Jyoti School needs all the help that they can get. The school doesn’t have desks and chairs for the students so they sit on the ground. The school also doesn’t have many learning materials. These are essential things for any school to have. With your help, we can provide these essential learning tools for them.

img_8422The new school/orphan facility needs to be completed. With the lack of funding,
four rooms are currently in use as classrooms. Photo: Ranjan Kumar.

The teachers teach in three classrooms, with the fourth room being used as the teacher’s office. The teachers and children try their best to make the school presentable by keeping it very clean even though the building stands unfinished.

img_8424Usually, events such as children’s day and teachers day in India are held on the
school ground or hall.
The Gyan Jyoti School holds their events on the School ground.
Photo: Ranjan Kumar.

In order to stop the school from closing, Ranjan proposed that the school needs at least $25,000 each year. This fund is needed to help pay for four dedicated teachers, meals for the children, classroom education materials and the completion of the school building. Ranjan wishes that one day, the orphan care facility will be open and will provide education for the new children who will join Gyan Jyoti School who can’t afford general education.

To send the children to school, you can donate here:

To feed the children of Gyan Jyoti, you can donate here:


The Teachers take great pride in their work despite being paid half the
amount of other public school teachers in India. Photo:
Ranjan Kumar.

We need your help to give these kids a basic education and the resources to help them learn to, hopefully, change their lives for the better

Ranjan Kumar was an Honorable Mention for Leadership for the J. Luce Foundation in 2011.

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