Historic Gathering of 1,000+ Global Peace Activists in NYC

G et a taste of what the mighty international movement for peace, nuclear abolition and justice is planning for building the movement and the path to a world free of nuclear weapons.

Watch the International Peace and Disarmament Conference plenary sessions live via web streaming here.   Go to the site at least 15 minutes before the plenary session start time and a link will be available for viewing the speakers and entertainment.

Schedule at Riverside Church

Friday, April 30, 6:00pm Plenary Session

  • Terumi Tanaka – Testimony and Call for Abolition
  • Nadine Padilla – The Deadly Impact Of and Resistance To Uranium Mining
  • Ibrahim Ramey – Martin Luther King’s Dream and Ours
  • Zia Mian – Confronting the Challenges of Nuclear Weapons, Capitalism and Climate Change
  • John Burroughs – Dangers and Opportunities: Nuclear Weapons and the NPT Review
  • Natalia Mironova – Complex Challenges of our Nuclear Legacy
  • Tomas Magnusson – Vision of a Nuclear Free World

Saturday, May 1, 1:30pm Plenary Session

  • International Movement Voices: Challenges and Strategies
  • Performance: The Recipe
  • Maryam Shansab – Afghanistan
  • J.N. Rao – India
  • Pierre Villard – France
  • Issam Makhoul – Israel
  • Kevin Martin – U.S.A.
  • Others to be announced

Saturday, May 1, 7:00pm Plenary Session

  • U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
  • Socorro Gomes – President World Peace Council and of CeBraPaz “Threats to Peace and the NPT Review”
  • Mayor Akiba – Mayor of Hiroshima “Beyond Nuclear Weapons; A Call to Conscience”

Schedule at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza

Sunday, May 2, 4- 6:00pm International Peace & Music Festival

  • Earthdriver – Funk/World Group – U.S.A.
  • Matters – International
  • Drummers for Peace of Japan (平和の和太鼓)
  • Utagoe Chorus – Japan
  • Catherine Lecoq – Singer & Actress – France
  • Sahj Kaya, Hibakusha (Atomic Bomb Survivor) Speaker from   Nagasaki
  • Cacibajagua (Kah-see-bah-hah-wah) – Indigenous (Caribbean)
  • Salieu Suso – Gambia
  • Kumosuke Kubo – Hiroshima, Japan
  • Hortencia Colorado – Coatlicue Theatre Company
  • BunKen Nagano – Japan

Earthdriver is a New York City based World-Funk Mothership Collective of musicians and activists.Their musical style has been described as “a cross between P-FUNK, SUN RA and KRS1, with a dash of The Fat Albert Gang” The band’s rhythm section (Swiss Chris – drums and Jeremiah Hosea – bass) have toured with James Blood Ulmer and Gloria Gaynor. One of the band’s guitarists (Ryan Waters) is currently on tour with Sade. Other members include Imani Uzuri, Mark Lesseraux, Dj Oja and Jerome Jordan. For more info one the group go to: http://www.earthdriver.org.

Matters is a multi-ethnic international collaborative of artists – who help direct attention to causes that matter through the arts. We create multi-media performances that draw upon the talents of musicians, dancers and digital artists. Established French film composer, Nicolas Neidhardt, famous Japanese music producer, Kirk Yano and singer/composer Sari Schorr would like to compose two or three original pieces of music that would help deliver the event’s message for nuclear disarmament and peace. Here is a link to our website. http://www.mattersonline.org We hope we can assist in creating a performance piece that will emphasize why nuclear disarmament matters.

The Drummers for Peace have performed throughout Japan and internationally  for 60   years. The Drummers come from cities all over Japan to perform, because they believe in sharing their performances with all people to further inspire all efforts for Peace and Nuclear Disarmament. They are happy to be in New York City to Open the International Peace & Music Festival just before the May 2010 NPT Review Conference   (http://www.utagoe.gr.jp/).

The Utagoe Chorus has been always with struggles for peace, nuclear free, no military bases and for justice. It has worked for spreading peace songs at grass-roots, contributing to encouraging and developing the struggles.

Catherine Lecoq is a singer and actress from France. Her website is in French.

Sahj Kaya is a Hibakusha (Atomic Bomb Survivor) speaker from   Nagasaki, Japan.

Cacibajagua (Kah-see-bah-hah-wah) is an Indigenous group from the Caribbean. They represent Taino Native culture and most of the group comes from Boriken (Puerto Rico). Their songs highlight our connection to Mother Earth which fits in with the Peace ideal.   Puerto Rico is tied to disarmament because on of their outlaying islands – Vieques – was used as a target range for many years. They still have un-exploded ordinance there – it was also a testing group for Napalm many years after Vietnam.

Salieu Suso
was born into a family of farmers and traditional Gambian musicians/historians that extends back nearly 1000 years He was trained to play the 21 stringed Kora (West African Harp) beginning at age 8 by his father, renowned Kora player Alhaji Musa Makang Suso. He is a descendent of JaliMady Wulayn Suso, the inventor of the Kora. Suso graduated from high school in The Gambia, West Africa. Speaks English fluently and Mandigo, Fula, Wolof, Sarahulay and some German. Before settling in the United States in 1989, Suso performed widely throughout Africa and Europe. Salieu Suso is the leader of the Jaliya Kafo! Extended Family Music Ensemble, and is a leader in the nation’s rapidly growing African music scene. Suso actively freelances with other groups.

The Aogiri Club The Society of A-Bomb Aogiri’s Dream – Japan


Kumosuke Kubo is a well known Storyteller in Hiroshima. He has a story about ants that keep harassing all the U.S. presidents ever since 1945. It is an angrier story than you would normally hear from the Hibakusha. The ants are punishment for evil deeds done and never acknowledged.   See website.

Hortencia Colorado and Chichimeca Otomi are one half of Coatlicue Theatre Company now in its 21st year founded by both she and her sister Elvira. They are  playwrights, performers and storytellers.  Coatlicue Theatre Company was  named  to honor of the Mexica deity of the earth and creation.   Through their work they  give voice to their experiences as Indigenous women  addressing social and  politica  struggles and  weaving them with  traditional  stories.   They are also founding members of a Mexica Danza group Cetiliztli Nauhcampa Quetzalcoatl in Ixachitlan.

Bunken is a musician who plays classical guitar notes full of graceful gentleness that resonate with truth. His rich and graceful style of playing has earned him the nickname “Magician of the Six Strings.” He appeared with a Japanese actress Sayuri Yoshinaga in Hiroshima, accompanying her poetry reading on the subject of the atomic bomb. Originally from Nagasaki prefecture, he makes his home in Hiroshima City. See website.

Aogiri is a kind of tree called a parasol tree in English, and now there are two A-Bomb Aogiri trees in Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park which survived the A-Bomb in 1945. Hiroshima was believed to bear no vegetation for 75 years after the bomb, but Aogiri trees quickly grew back and became the symbol of regeneration. The Society of A-Bomb Aogiri’s Dream was formed to share the story and the hope of Aogiri so that the people around the world will care for a little Aogiri and the world peace. Many members of our society are teachers in Hiroshima and some of them are second generation Hibakusha. We hope children all over the world will read this book, A-Bomb Aogiri Second Tale Aogiri’s Dream.See website.

Riverside Church is located at 490 Riverside Drive, New York City.
Dag Hammarskjold Plaza is located on 47th Street betwwn First and Second Avenues, New York City.


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