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New York, N.Y.  Songwriting is a skill that takes many years of hard work and dedication to develop. Each songwriter has their own way on how they write their songs and how they develop their ideas. After years working on my craft I have developed my own way on how to write my songs. Songwriting gives me this electric feeling. Every time I write a new song it makes me feel alive because it is something that came from my heart; something I created. So in this article I will show you the method I use to create my songs.

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Israel Santana (author) Performing Live. Photo by The Author

My songwriting process it is based on three essential steps: find an instrumental, establish your melody and last but not least write the lyrics.

  1. Find an instrumental:
  • Finding the right instrumental for your song might be the most difficult part; it could easily become the most frustrating part of the entire process, difficult to believe isn’t it?
  • The instrumental is crucial! If the instrumental does not sound professional, if it is too boring or is from another song, all three of these factors can make a listener ignore the song completely.
  • So whether you are a beginner or a professional songwriter remember this is 2016. What do I mean by this? Well, we live in the era of the hot beats; many songs played in the radio are played just because of the instrumental. Simple as that. Now let’s go to step #2.


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  1. Find the melody:
  • Why? The melody sometimes can be more important than the lyrics. The melody is what sets the tone for the song, what listeners usually refer to as what makes a song, “catchy”. Have you ever listened to a song and said “I like this song, it is so catchy?”, to the point you don’t even care about the lyrics, but the hook (also known as the chorus) and the instrumental. The answer it is probably yes!
  • Having the right instrumental and melody play a vital role in any song. So remember, sometimes it is not what you say, it’s how you say it. This leads us to our final step.

    Photo by Hyacinth

                 Photo by Hyacinth

  1. Write the lyrics:
  • After finding your instrumental and developing a good melody now it is time to WRITE THE LYRICS!
  • What to write about? Well, this can depend on what is on your mind and what type of instrumental you choose. You can’t just do a party or turn up song using a slow tempo violin and piano instrumental. Write a song that perfectly fits your instrumental. This is the best piece of advice I can possibly give you.
  • Once you have chosen your instrumental and have a melody for it, you just need to know what theme to write about. There are so many to choose from: Love, party, heartbreak, the options are endless! You just have to select the one you consider the most convenient to you.

    Photo by Suraj Rajan

            Photo by Suraj Rajan

Now that I have shared the steps I use to create my songs, hopefully this can help any reader have an insight and use this as a guide to write their songs. Again, this is the way I write my own songs, but each songwriter has their own way. The songwriting process can start from any of the three steps I have just mentioned but at the end of the day all of them must be used.





Israel Santana
Journalism, Events & Social Media "Young Global Leader"at The James Jay Dudley Luce Foundation.

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