In NYC, Steve Forbes Addresses Politicos, Police Athletic League

New York, N.Y.  A consortium of politicians, leaders, and prominent business people enthusiastically gathered to support the Police Athletic League (PAL) and meet publishing powerhouse Steve Forbes, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Media.

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business people. Photo: Jillian Nelson/

Mutual of America hosted the event along with Robert Morgenthau and John Catsimatidis. Radio personality Mark Simone told the audience that coincidentally Steve Forbes was the guest speaker several years ago when Simone first spoke at a PAL event.

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Photo: Jillian Nelson/

Robert Morgenthau, former District Attorney for New York City and Chairman of the Board of PAL, greeted guests.  The former DA and this exemplary organization have much in common, both originating in the early part of the last century.  Mr. Morgenthau was born in 1919, while the Police Athletic League’s youth program has been serving New York City’s boys and girls since 1914. Robert Morgenthau certainly has the experience necessary to Chair this remarkable organization.

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were among the many powerful guests. Photo: Jillian Nelson/

Host John Catsimatidis gave opening remarks and has been a tremendous supporter of PAL for many years.

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Photo: Jillian Nelson/

This was the first time I had the opportunity to hear Steve Forbes speak.

B_g9jEjQu6aX4xxSWxUDtNCFpDMBUlpHiSU9VFpsbAE,ggeWx8o9AQ2X_o5J6GWK_luo6RPNLU5RdgSoo9UUfco,dZUqsMQxOH_gRQRBiURU_awuN6J0AiDsyoo8d7XD8KQ,FyKQajc0Hj8jKamNWCpS0Vi94PKVsNv3MQFrr7qi_eQFormer governor David Patterson, Mary Sliwa, and Andrea Catsimatidis.
Photo: Jillian Nelson/

He was both charismatic and eloquent. He referenced his grandfather who founded Forbes almost one hundred years ago, “He was an immigrant who came to this country from Scotland, one of ten children with a grade school education-like millions who came here he had dreams and ambitions and the opportunity to realize them.”

VH-pHDiVlE-40JUtBat05eKVH0sA2DTYGFjKBc4ifDY,PpyfRVr4w9hS36MvDRiSPJlrNBVOrPlaRWUdwqVOEMc,gtdJUG7wHV11NP8-EXm4aorPlLrRwaaEm9WVjnNKClg,h6hD5yS3e1IUToIVD3AOCjFea6-h6qHDSEiyuggborgJohn Catsimatidis, Steve Forbes, and Robert Morgenthau.
Photo: Jillian Nelson/

Forbes also spoke of Americans banding together saying that Americans are joiners and willing to band together in numerous ways to help each other or a cause, this is what makes us a republic and a society.

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As mentioned on the Police Athletic League website: PAL provides recreational, educational, cultural and social programs. Young people, ages three to twenty-one can build for their future with a safe place to learn, grow and dream. PAL is New York City’s largest independent youth development not-for-profit organization that operates head start/day care, after-school, evening teen, summer day camp, youth employment, truancy prevention, juvenile justice and re-entry, city-wide sports, play streets and part-time centers, food service, and adventure learning programs for pre-school kids, children and adolescents.

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